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Artist: K Camp
Album:  One Way (Mixtape)
Song:   Stripes
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got hoes, I got stripes
I've done dealt with most these haters all my life
I love money, but who don't?
Fuck they sayin'? I'll do anything I want
Think I won't? Think I won't!?
Think I won't!? Think I won't!?
I got money, I got stripes
I've been hustlin' every day of my life

[Verse 1]
No money, fuck that, break it down, earn a sack
Any means, say cheese, heard they snitchin', that's a rat
Lame niggas, where the sack? Please follow, fuck, back
Just fuckin' up the game, that's a mothafuckin' fact
Took a loss, bounced back, turned a dollar to some racks
Outsiders get taxed, leave them bitches where they're at
Hitters comin' from the front, hitters comin' from the back
I'm just comin' for a sack, I don't know how to act
Walk right in my closet
Hundreds in my boot
She say I'm the coldest
Bitch I thought you knew


[Verse 2]
How you doin'? Bitch I'm fine, take my time, hella signs
Had to shine, from the grind, I'm like Dion in his prime
If she's fine then she's mine, bitch I do this all the time
If my nigga do the crime, I see nothin', bitch I'm blind


Ain't that Camp though? I think that is
Ay Camp, ay, shit man waddup waddup Camp, how you doin bruh?
[K Camp] What's happenin fool?
[Dude] Coolin' Ay you know I been fuckin' with yo shit
for like the longest bruh, "Money baby, money baby, money-"
[K Camp] Word, word, Appreciate it my nigga
[Dude] Ay shit, you know all night, all night
but, ay mane look, Shit you know I don't really have nothin'
but I been workin' in these streets mane
I'm tryna see how much you charge for a feature
but I don't really have shit you know what I'm sayin'
but if you give me this opportunity I promise bruh-
[K Camp] Ah, you know opportunity only knock once my boy
[Dude] But if you give me this opportunity bruh I swear
your voice on this beat mane, we gon' push it
we gon' put everything we got behind this bruh
we don't have much but we gon do it
[K Camp] Shit, this what I'm a do for you bro
I got this number you can call
[Dude] Your number right?
[K Camp] Shit, close to it
[Dude] This nigga a fool
[K Camp] You can have to call Shep my nigga
[Dude] Who?
[K Camp] His name Shep mane, J Shep
[Dude] J Shep
[K Camp] The number I got down... 404-452-1563
[Dude] Aight so I need to tell him I know you?
[K Camp] Yeah, yeah hit him ASAP, hit em ASAP
[Dude] Aight good lookin out
[K Camp] Aight my nigga
[Dude] Aight hold it down

[Phone rings]
[J Shep] Hello?
[Dude] What up. Shep what's good mane, what up mane
[J Shep] What it do?
[Dude] Ay, Camp gave me yo number dawg
he told me he was a big fan of my shit, he fuck with my shit
so I was tryna see how much it is for a feature, bruh
cause I've been fuckin' with bruh for a minute
cause I don't have much but I've been grindin' in these streets bro
and I see the slum movement, I'm tryna be a slum too
so lemme know what I gotta do, whatever it is mane
to get em on a feature, how much is he bro?
[J Shep] Ay mane, that money talks