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Artist: K'naan
Album:  Troubadour
Song:   Somalia
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, I spit for my block, it's an oath, I admit it 
Here, the city code is lock-n-load
Any minute is rock and roll and you rockin' roll
And feel ya soul leavin'
It's just a wrong dance that'll leave ya not breathin'
I'm not particularly proud of this predicament
But I'm born and bred in this tenement, I'm sentimental, WHAT!?!
Plus it's only white to represent my hood and what not
So I am about to do it in the music and in the movies, cut
To the chase pan across to the face, I'm right there
Freeze-frame on the street name, oops wait a minute
This is where the streets have no name and the drain of sewage
You can see it in this boy how the hate is brewin'
Cuz when his tummy tucks in, fuck the pain, it's fluid
So what difference does it make