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Artist: K-Os
Album:  Joyful Rebellion
Song:   B-Boy Stance
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Yeah, it's so hard to remain authentic
Everything is round me in changin
Even the earth is movin in two different places
In the United States, but one thing remains the same
Till the end of time I think I'll remain...

I'm a b-boy standin in my b-boy stance

[Verse 1]
From the top of the highest summit, again we run it
A hundred and forty-four shimmering lights stunnin
Too quick for the human eye to catch a glimpse
You know pimps cannot convince with bigger attempts of emceein
Blowing word to the wind
While we conscend to limit the sins and pretend
We're still human, when in fact we're only half
The other path extends infinity do the math
I try to laugh, but they pull me down like crabs in a bucket
With hands in my pocket, I don't really laugh
Heaven only knows, the [???] keeps invading the flows that turns black pros
To white foes...You're just supposin'
have you heard my words moving at light speed and getting blurred?
It's all so incredible, decibles at glance standing in a b-boy stance

I'm a b-boy standin in my b-boy stance

This one leads the way..
Now cut it up, cut it up back to back
on the wheels of steel, cut it up back to back

Elevate, Meditate, eliminate-thoughts from my past keep knocking upon my gate
Shouldn't let 'em in, the answers not to debate
But to observe the debating and then we can understate

[Verse 2]
Yo party people listen up at the drop of dime
They took cameras to africa for pictures to rhyme
Over old...yes, the great pretenders
Religious entertainers who want to be life savers
Damn...another dollar for the mind, another cold [???] hoping
They canlt find, they can't copy or get pictures with no lines
I guess it's just a case of the blind leading the blind
But, I'm flippin' and steppin' and rockin'' the roll, take the control
Payin' my tolls, who's in control?
I'm playin' a role so people will remember that
I'm just a servant of rap, hopin' to bring it back

I'm a b-boy standin in my b-boy stance