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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Cappadonna
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Betrayal
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
You wasn't there for support
You fronted, now we gon' to court
It was years, now you wanna divorce?
Shed tears cause you feeling distort
Was it sincere with them feelings you brought
Kept it conceal, now you double-cross
We made vows, now I have to pay for a child and stay on trial
Baby we wild, all I can do is through you a sick smile
Fair well, hope you get ya share hell
What you thought, we didn't have to go through nothing?
What you afraid of losing something?
It's suppose to be u-s not the whole USA
You gon' regret this day, it's betrayal

Yo, all these niggas out here backbitting and snitching
Told the FEDS I stashed weed, mad blow in the kitchen
See me coming out the truck with a four in my grip
They was pointing at me, looking at my gear and my kicks
Peep this kids that I stuck up, and told 'em I did it
My niggas be smiling in my face and knowing they wicked
Send songs to the police, man, get 'em a plaque
Smile like a bud-head nigga, his mouth is the crack
Blowing the dice, stabbing straight in the back
Niggas smoke crack, stick niggas up when it's track
Watch how they run backwards, dirty like a fuck
You be seeing the rats
Sitting in the car with the boys that sneak out the door
They got photos of the clique when we was pitching the raw
Somebody telling, they giving up crazy information
Tryna parole the kid, but I'm already on probation
Witnesses at the police station
Laughing while they cover their faces

[Killah Priest]
And those people you trust... yeah y'all be joking and stuff
Next thing you know you smoking on dust
They switched the blunt when you asked for a puff
Watch you get open and laying in the cut
Wearing ya luck, now you off guard and extract
Now you stuck, it ain't real when you tryna hit ya man's wiz
Tryna go up in the ribs, while he doing a bid
Crab snakes they backstab and left the knife break
Smile at you with a tight face
How you dig a man like that?
How you feel as a man as a rat?
How you not gon' handle the gat?
How you wait and see I'm falling in the trap?
It's not real, it's not real, if you are how you feel
It's not real, if you with the homies
But you making side deals
It's not real, if you won't blast the steel
Or grab the wheel, or take a hand for the bill
It's not real, it's fake