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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Jay Notes, Red Mudd
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Birds
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Inspectah Deck sample]
Shouldn't be so rough...
Life... shouldn't be so rough...
Shouldn't be so rough... shouldn't be so rough...

[Killah Priest]
Call me Priestradamus, the world's of weed and chronic
Urban turban, fatigue from garments
Virgins, all the new testaments, dead presidents
Underworld coke measurements with poor evidence
From horrific teens, that test, access
Gas pressed, within his genes
Fist that screams, behind the black desk, Mardi Gras, mass of death
Party on and laugh, couldn't catch his breath
The mind never manipulated, the world of nine and nickel plated
Will hurl bullets, ricochet through his girl
The great harlet, will use money and the men of souls, the scarlett
Same bitch, that prep my head for a target, two SK's under my arm pit
From the pyramid projects, dodging gangstas and prophets
Street parables, search for the barrels too

[Chorus 2X: samples]
Life as a
	Grown ass man
Shouldn't be so rough
Life as a
	Grown ass man
Shouldn't be so rough

[Jay Notes]
Gallop with speed, the stress I breathe
Tell 'em, words develop, I'm battling speech
Thunderclap when I mention the beats, Notes and Priest
Know if God throw it out, believe the Devil retreats
Seeing whips I used to envy before shell signs
Even kings get they plans revised, plan demise
Watch for signs, cuz it ain't a disguise
Yeah, you got two faces, only one set of eyes
And now you got ten paces, make the most of your time
Notes in his prime, divine design, serious lines
Got the crew sitting laughing at ridiculous death threats
It's all on voice mail, I ain't seen death yet
Got hate upon hate, our lines up at the gate, boy
But all they do is watch, ain't a muthafucka making noise
My momma ask me if I keep the hammer, ready props
Tell me, keep it steady, bang it in they body, plenty, let's get it

[Chorus 2X]

[Red Mudd]
From the bottom to the top, yo, the game for real
The pain is real, we walking through the flames, for real
I'm from where niggas so dope, that they mothers, they pay bills
Try to make a better life, many niggas lay still
It's death before dishonor, we ain't starving no more
So take a lesson from the time of Leonhart at the door
Or one thrust from the kitana, put your heart on the floor
Every ghetto via sauna, it's the heart of the war
Dead man lies spirits on embalming fluid
When cloud hopping on your journey, put your all into it
Cuz the real ride for it, many even died for it
Or should I say, reborn from they lies and torment
The air that we breath, scorches, inhale and exhale
The smell of dead corpses, from lead porsches
Wars of religion, Muslim to Christian
Killing over land, for all of Abraham children

[Outro: samples]
Life as a...
	Grown ass man
Shouldn't be so rough