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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Empuls
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Brolic
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, Empuls, Man Bites Dog, Killah Priest

[Killah Priest]
They call me Priest, La Shiek, a hammer fiest
Genie apparrel, stick to my barrel, since like a pharaoh
Of Egypt, we lick, mad hoes like a freaknik
Chickens come on in they bath robes
Afros, black gold, Castros, seventies
The lettery, S.O.U.L.
I flow too well, platforms, proud to perform
Pops, mats was strong, brandy in them plastic cups
He laugh, I puff, the herb smoke, rocking them fur coats
The way he broke his hat was tough
Sixty waves, seventy braids, nineties fade
Find me laid up with the dime pieces
Rhyme releases, design the thesis
Demonic creases, my sneakers with white painted on like Easter eggs
Stocking caps over my seeds and shades
Describe the features, brolic, plus I can spit that knowledge
I am, God, plus I'm always about it
Who you know who could flow with wordplay, take a survey
No matter what you herbs say, it'll still be Priest
The masterpiece, you rappers geek
Out over this nigga flow, gorilla
You no killa, not a masterful, classical
Rappers food for thought, too much salt
It's high blood pressure, check this thug lecture
It gets dirty as the mud wrestlers, knowhatimean?

[Chorus 2X: samples]
Brolic, brolic, brolic, brolic, brolic
	Prophecy, brolic with knowledge
		Big head knowledge
Tried to get brolic?
	Ask me if I'm trying to kick knowledge

We come in bringing the fun then pumping the bass for your supper
Something amazingly cunning up in the place with my brother
Sufficating these suckas, smothered the masons just covered
Covered the ways of no other, I'll fuck your face and you'll love it
Public execution, everybody grab a stone
Old fashion ones, ya'll done finish up, swagger home
Traveling master, all back on the saddle, stay in your classical
Clavical, that'll emasculate your babies
Better handle it with lucky hands, never panic
Repremanded amateurs, for his band it's gotta set a standard
Silverbacking it, skill in the track, immaculate
Killing the Babylonian, throwing that tabernacle shit
Priest, hit the vermin with a burning sermon
The beat kicks, get a urgent me to load the verses
Fertile surface for fresh growth and no pest
Keep the atmosphere around you with my coke breath
You gonna get bitched, hungry as a muzzled lions
Eat what we wanna in this wild country crying, yo
From my slow with the roll, hydro planes shout
Rain doubt, brain mouth, symetry to gain clout
Put two and two together, committed to four-four
Melodies are clever, admitted with more raw
Little restored, thought progression, son, at wholesale
Shitting on these lame duck rappers try they coat tails
Feather dusting they blow spot for fingerprints
We never touch it, fuck it, crush it, when the banger hits
Voice explosive from K fifth, break hits
Make shift, elevator flavor I stay spliff
Close cannon, I'm standing, manning the battleship
Ripping the royal plans for the hand that I ram my cattle with
Hammer the nail in coffin, stamina stay with the coughing
Gorgeous, my razor be pouring, tossing grenades, I'mma monster
It's like that...