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Artist: Killah Priest f/ 2Mex, The Last Emperor
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Circles
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah... my name is Priest...
I come from a galaxy...

[Killah Priest]
The great blunt cloud
Drift through his dark cold nostrils
While intoxicated thoughts fly like jets through the weak storms
We calm with Hennessey, written on the side
Picasso, my art flow, my flow never dies
Eyes Wide Shut with sluts, I fucked them, in all positions
Leave nuts on their chins in menage et troises, blase blah
Lord forgive our soul as it drifts through the infinite hole
The judgment, the covenant
I speak on subjects from a thug's death
Devils with pitchforks lift the corpse from the eternal fire
I sit across the mother and the messiah
The holy one told me to come
Outer body experience, not worried, released or tense
Now I'm in a dark age, periods, but curious
A knight in the night on the black horse while bats cross my face
Lost my way, wearing nothing but satin cloths
Rats eating at my face, I take my gats off the waist
From Then Till Now, the globe still spins around
The watchers are sent to the ground
In the likeness with Christ's bliss, I write this
(Another world) poem, under another name I'm...

[Hook: Killah Priest]
The Earth spins in (circles)
The smoke rings go in (circles)
The energy flows in (circles)
The clock flows in (circles)
The Earth spins in (circles)
The early morning wind's in (circles)
Smoke rings in (circles)
Energy flows in (circles)

[The Last Emperor]
West Philly really on that you can quote me
In Arizona, homey, I hoo-dance with the Hobey
I leave the track smoking until the great circle is broken
Everything is copacetic and cosy, but uh...
The galaxy is governed to certain emotions
Whether in a cypher getting right with your old friends
Or tight fit, nice whip on some chrome rims
Or flipping bricks big enough to fit Stonehenge
What goes around comes around then revolves
It's called karma, yes, the universal law
From The Last Em', Jamal, dominating overall
Still shining like the wheel that Ezekiah saw
It was a circle, life and death meet in the streets
Form a circle, ionic particles of heat
They come in circles, now our cypher is complete
In a circle, Last Emperor and Killah Priest

[Hook: The Last Emperor over "circle" samples]
This is.. hot raps that'll impact ya chest
Everything in motion comes to rest
Even the condor builds his nest
Then a plasma plaque or patch to the west

2Mex hip-hop opera part two, plot part deep, part copra
Unstoppable, cops just popped Hoffa
Now there's no stopping of the blood to mop up
Still burn, Children of the Corn still crop up
I'm as revolutionary, had the flu shot
You motherfuckers still living in the blue shot
The solution, to control the whole of the soul
Of the loose gun, man in the trance, translucent
The ones, some of the pawns, send the militant hunts
And then there's the haunts
Around the necks of your uncle and your aunts
The renaissance of the science, and the sonnets
The sauna of the mind switch, defiance in the sonics
The age of enlightenment and the dawn is upon us
Even in the age of electronics they still warn us

[Hook: 2Mex]
The Sun moves in a circle
My aura glows in a circle
The spaceship is a circle
You can't touch my inner circle
Your black eye is a circle
The gunshot is a circle
This wedding ring is a circle
And everything is a circle (X5)