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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Canibus
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Democracy
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Can-I-Bus, wash off the rust
This is prophecy, I ain't just talking tough
Democracy Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M.
They put me in charge of the new Tiger Team
Illmatic, still savage, still at it
Mechanics build the rhymes, I build the mechanics
Binary language, trinary programming
To copy rap flows nowadays no challenge
Smoke don't rise in the opposite direction
Overhead projectors don't stop till perfection
Gallop over the poles, after the election
The master of impressions, like Zecharia Sitchin
Permission to get crunked up, ask the instructor
Big Brother, nigga lover, want lyrics this summer
we live in tumultuous times, I must be outta my mind
Recording rhymes like I'm soldering wires
Behind giant porcelain tigers with needle nose pliers
They told me I was hired, so I left with those buyers
My shit got less talk, but it's a bit lighter
Tell General Myers I'll fix both fighters
Situation or awareness in all areas
Knowledge is the disease we are all carriers
Of Flownitis, flow the nicest with no guidance
From the Hip-Hop - anti-virus
Sun rises, 30 arc seconds the sun spot crisis
Put fucking blisters on your iris
Ten observations per satellite
The higher masses orbit the rhyme, the faster I write

[Killah Priest]
First let's take away the planets, erase the stars
Delete everything in the solar system and the concept of God
Now it's just us standing in the darkness
I invite you to a contest, its quiet complex
You want light? Use your conscious
You want sight? Create a content
Your diction must create friction
Sparking thoughts as they listen
To enlighten someone confused
Watch it burn down to where the thoughts stems from
It's like a pen when it goes into a gun
From within, explode, then it's done
It lights like the glow of the sun
Imploding the black dot
Then explode or blow to a hole to a black spot
This friction cause a resistance
Which is the cause of all existence
These laws are Scientifics, so pay attention
The method I use, connected by tubes, digest it like food
I complexed it for fools, they can't keep the message or jewels
I left it for you, place the record on spools
Now the speed is 33 seconds per move
And rotation, that's the globe creation
Light up the whole nation as motivation
The sky had streaks of white fire
The angry cloud noise, entices the writer
Mystique alphabet, brightens his eyes up
The syllables connect, his eyes become fire
Like the Messiah, he begins to talk in a rhythm like tension
Grabbing the mic from outta the dimension
He begins spitting, split atoms
The rhythm had 'em in a trance
The rhythm enhance, his sentence advance
Till he begins to look like a lamp
His head grew incredible, impregnable
Impossible, what letters could do
It put me in a pedestal, Priest of Nazareth
I came back like Lazareth
Spread havoc with the magic gift