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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Empuls, iCON the Mic King, Sonny Seeza, Steven King
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   The Destroyer
Typed by: Cno Evil

Uhh, he a fighter
If he's an arm reach of me, he's hit
He's cut, he's bleeding, his face is fucked up
His skin fake, his brains are shook up
Brains are shook, brains are shook up

[Steven King]
I was hearing spiritual fall, 'fore you saw me in flesh
Clicking my fingers on the saw, I smoke a garden of cess
Watching the serpents and they going through the cracks of projects
When cops arrest, lay the scanners, paperwork is processed
A bank robbery occured and like you, the hostage
Heart bracket, thought you was fly like a latin puppet
Punk ass, you walk every square inch from light to darkness
Through the carnage, yeah, I'm torn a piece, the flow is haunted
I paint this blood, I'm dirty like the rings in the tub
Spit his thug, hit his thug, get him touched with a duck
Son shining, that's my son, how I sell my sun
Steven King, the throne holder, there's alot on the come
The slur of the guns, the funds, victory and success
The wisdom won the west, will do the size you with time's nest
I heard Farrakhan sick, I'mma kill me some strength
The truth told, time and flow, had to flow flourescent, one

[Chorus: iCON the Mic King]
We go to war, let's stay alive in these streets
The spitting will come to vision, when we collide with these beats
We go to war, the five man brigade
Holding live hand grenades and real live anime
We at war, will see us crowd in the trench
Mercenary gorillas, stepping out the myst
We at war right now, faggot, give up and run
Stans can't understand where this nigga, pick up your gun

[Sonny Seeza]
Uh-oh, hands up, still dropping that shit
Custom block on my hip, bitches love to gossip
It's time to pop clicks, my friend, kid spits
Shift to them, yeah, I got them shits again
Diarrhea on glow, tired to see ya on the flow
Ya'll niggas pizza, I eat you on the go
Seeza, Son glow bright, like sunshine
One rhyme, make niggas pack up the punchline
Still slammin' shit to break your spine
Paralegals, paramedics, come, you paralyzed
You'se a chump in the deck, we ain't playing with those
You can catch me on air live, saying you rap hoes
I do all the falls, I'mma true hip hop it
Think See' slipped up, get your shit popped quick
I bust two, don't make me crush you
You're minimal, feel me, I muddy youse, you tentacle


[Killah Priest]
Priest a blood gut, I stop from no one to shogun
I blow guns, a thousand slug be fronting
Rappers I make 'em, til angels grab 'em and drag 'em
To them pearly gates of the firely lakes, I time with snakes
To make my early escape, through brick walls, beneath the shape of a monster
With six claws, hundred feet tall with thick jaws
Battle me, man? I had the anatomy, I'm from the Killah Academy
Priest, I spit the end of days til your feminine ways
Endless is graves, with tombstones
My body's broken down, like a fine tooth cold
Rappers get scattered, across deserts where scavengers gather
Bones were shattered and bloods get splattered
I'm above you actors, I'm a director
For you direct whores, the mic raptor
I bite your muthafucking head off


I put and end to everything, you earn to represent
If you learn to get the message, you burn, then check the method
Iron lift, scientist, plus the pride of a sick force
Pitchforks, dripping with the light of a lit torch
Stiff poor stick in a game of wet noodles
Do they videos with dobermans, at home with pet poodles
People of the click, kick ballistics with the fifth
I wish Pocahontas would of killed John Smith
Stand firm damaging, trampeling on your chance
Pour a castle in the sand, I'm branded by the hand of God
And I'mma man up, his laws, not yours
Rock raw, I'm leaving challengers and name it on all fours
Ever see my buddhas, through the flesh, my nigga
Quickest way to any heart, through the chest, my nigga
Why did you think that we could come to peace without address the step
Losing everything, you could collect, trying the ghetto rap