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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Copywrite, Jakki Da Motamouth
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Fire Reign
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Ugh, it's Priesthood, Mackavengelo

[Killah Priest]
I spit revolutionary, ready to shoot and bury
Presidents, we predicates to the fullest
Speak to forfeit, if you a shooter, come where the wolves is
Birds will seek from out the war ridge
Che Guevara, I spray whoever, mega
Prophecies, I drop sixteens, that you can watch on screens
It's Mackavangelo, flames and the candles will blow
From the garment, of the God sent, jewels the size of comets
I spit wizardry, with imagery
Of a Panaview film, I take your through realms
From 3D to 4D...

From shot foes, from mouth closed, with they in they drunk out mode
Whether I can brawl or not, never punk out though
So come to one of our shows, see we don't waste any time
I go straight to the Mike, like the Punch-Out code
You're a conscious rapper, you'll be an unconscious rapper
Unless I'm unconscious after all the rum vodka Snapple's
I'm the one, God, I'm asking, why me?
Never mind, I already know what the others won't get it
Til I'm in heaven, so
Many reverends told sinners where they headed tho
They're not God, so like a yes man, you'll never know
Oh, they wanna guess things, without facts
Passing judgments like your honor's breath stinks
Your mistake, I meant to bomb these fuckers
If there's any fucking doubt like Gwen Stefani's drummer
And I'm into comedy, brother
YouTube the video, you gotta feel it
So you could witness the fly up close on screen like Obama killed it

[Jakki Da Motamouth]
Your wife embrace her for a lab, she said she wanna see through
So I went straight for the ass and gave her the crabs
You faithful and mad, wanna fight me, here we go
I take Life like I stole Mikey cereal
I'm buying all you sell-outs, the hell out
When I stay behind you, but I just raised the bar like I'm the father
of an ale house
You hot clones, but you not known, you try to diss
I talk to God obtain the deed to your life, you got owned
And your bitch she got boned cuz she goofy
Ask me to buy a drink, so I bought her a round of roofies
If that ain't raw enough, I was war when I stuck gucci guns
And talk tough, I'm suppose to think you hard as fuck?
Go ahead and pull, God, see on Earth your laws do not apply to me
So go ahead and shoot me in the head and you'll die
Call me out, you won't hear Rah rule
Listen to your pupils ejaculate, here I come