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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Priest History
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Priesthood, nah'mean
Don't take this as a diss or nothing
To all the emcees out there
For everybody just straight up mean, nah'mean
It's real, it's some realness
Yeah, this how we doing it man
Reality, reality rap
For all my rappers out there, for all my emcees
For everybody

[Killah Priest]
Y'all wanna see the lifetimes of the greatest?
Wanna see what I write in the pages?
Wanna see right before I'm famous?
Wanna hear the life from your favorite?
Y'all wanna hear who I influenced?
Discography of all of my music
Pro-God, call it a movement
On the stage with the RZA to the Gravediggaz
GZA use to say I was his favorite spitter
Lyrics on how I made pictures
Though I never really wanted it
Till they put mad challenges in front of the kid
I was a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan
A bigger fan of Method-Man
Stayed loyal, respect the fam
R.I.P. to Grym Reaper (That's my man)
And my pen gets deeper
Diary of a Madman, went like this
RZA use to brag about my rhymes
On that song I had a chance to shine
But I ain't want it
RZA told me that a storm was coming
Even a Messiah blow the trumpets
But when I got there, I wasn't prepared
So I said what I already had
Which left all attention on Bazz
Which felt that the tension was bad
But that wasn't the vision I had
We both came in as solo artist
I didn't care who flowed the hardest
My mind was on my nephew Marcus
Tryna rescue him from the projects
But that didn't happen
He got shot, D got knocked
He sees my block, I see this cop
Said he was dead on the rival
Cried, tryna read my Bible
I had sick thoughts and revenge on my mind too
I wasn't thinking of vinyl
I was thinking like final
But time moves, it past
Bazz gave me his hand, help me to stand
Back then we didn't understand
God plan is far too advance
Man, I knew I had something that would prove just the theory
Once the world hear me
Liquid Swords, I get on board
To record Basic Instruction, great introduction
Since the plagueful destruction
For the fake emcees with the weak production
When I adjust the pen it get sucked in
I break emcees, I shake emcees
We shake emcees till they sound like me
But there's only one, sincerely son
Compare me to none
Maybe Rakim or Kane or Kool G Rap
Priest write movies and cracks...

Nah'mean, that's how that go right there
Y'all know the history of Priest
Priesthood, aka the Sun of Man
It's what we do, no'm'sain
Bazz you my man, you know how we did
Back then, Diary of a Madman
To everybody out there, nah'mean
That's just a lil brief, walk thru
All my reign and my tears, you'know
This goes out to my nephew Marcus, ascended
And his moms, yo RIP, nah'mean
Forever, long as we a treasure, times get better
Nah'mean, Kount Fif on the one's and two's on the beat
Uh, yeah, calm before the storms, Priest, yeah