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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Ill Bill, Sabac Red
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Psalm of Satan
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Killah Priest]
The serpent coiled...

[Killah Priest]
The serpent coiled around the double dagger, the golden handle
Silver angels with the pearl ball attached, stab you with that
Watch his body swell up with the poison, I'm enjoying
You die before the Byzantine Emperor, watch me finish ya
The mammoth tusk sword, your bowels'll pour, I devour you all
But the owl sits on the tower and sours
While I scour the wall, I've watched how many cowards'll fall
Watch the novels I'll draw, my back lounges up against solid marble
My sword'll carve you, I laugh while I marvel
How many rappers I slay, my tongue is a grenade
Priest the sensai, my pen degrades the paper
You step to me, then you've stepped to nature

[Chorus 2X: Killah Priest]
The life giver and the taker
The alpha and the omega
Creator and the cremator
The destroyer and the savior
The life giver and the taker

[Killah Priest]
Meet the angel of death, I've come to strangle your neck
And your spine I'ma break through your chest
Never seen what you look like inside? Well let's improvise
Watch me push these bars in your eyes
Cut out your tongue, now talk about when your album come
I go in your stomach and pull out your lungs
Hold it in my bare hands like I had bear hands
Told you to beware of the man
I'm fucking weird, man, complicated
You get accomp'd by Satan, I'm ready to stomp the nation
No time for conversation, just compensation
You see the mask? Now feel the palms of Jason
I say peace, now bless my congregation

[Chorus 2X]

[Sabac Red]
Yo, defy demands of Catholics, wise tales, Pan's Labyrinth
Eyes, hands of Lazarus, command the passages
Antagonist, activist release the metals of Luci'
Jewellery, militant colors, onyx symbols and rubies
Pursue these operations, control minds, mutilation
Destiny now destroyed, mankind in it's ages
Caged and trapped in a world full of Devils and demons
Escape to Algeria within Hell in it's meaning
Fell from the sky through the ceiling, disrupting our patterns
I prepare for the encounter, fuck it it happens
Prepare to fast and laugh, no match for my intelligence
Surrender your agenda, your weapons are now irrelevant
Elements and evidence proving the power
End of the world, new beginning, the moon is devoured
Consumed in a tower of death and nightstalkers
White horses, ask Priest who's gonna rep and fight for us

[Chorus 2X]

[Ill Bill]
He was the man with one red shoe
Sent every David Koresh yous
Test tubes, cult leader approves, profess truth
Cesspool of death, doom, bet to impress fools
Mesh room, syringes stuck in the heads of dead dudes
Lead through, expensive and crude medical mutations
Approved by CIA-sanctioned agents used for assassinations
And goons, even murder you with some toothpaste
Or a shoelace, he had a new place in a suitcase
And they knew his face, abomination of the human race
To some, to others it's like a symbol of freedom
The mysteries of Babylon revealed to you
The pyramid is screaming eagle
All-seeing eye surviving tyranny and evil
I'm like when those 747s collided with the towers
You're a coward, you've been blinded by your power
I devour like Galactus, the Psalm of Satan, medieval
Should be reborn within the cradle of evil

[Chorus 2X]