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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Shadows
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, Killah Priest
Uh, uh
Just walk with me in this world
Fire with me in this world
Walk with me in my shoes
Uh, yo

[Killah Priest]
Leaping through the wormholes bussing at cyber cops
Behold the pale president; clap 'em fifty-nine shots
Evidence of the aliens, footprints of the Sasquatch
Duck from the Cyclops, creep up the side glocks
With America's cookbook, that's when my hood took
The recipe for thieves, and how to be a good cook
From angels to agents
To prophets to politicians in the kitchen
The melting pot new edition
The evil that men do, let it brew in the stew
Blood on Bush apron, Planet of the Apes again
Human race is dead, they get gray skin
Satan slay men, amen
The ravens pick the flesh from the bones
The streets alone, I click on my chrome
Touring with God and I sit on my throne
Bitches sucking dick, niggas nuts hit
Get 'em pregnant, send 'em presents
I get arrested, I confess, it's so majestic
I hold my open for Armageddon
Is my armor shredded? By the claws of Esau
The frozen BEAST then thaw
Now we finally meet at war, once more
Guns for anybody with the devil's arithmetic
Across his head and wrist
The predicament, the predicate's shoot at the president
Got evidence that he's prejudice
My residence switch, I move with unlisted phone numbers
David Ik's said there's clones of mothers
Its raining fire, skeletons drop stones upon us
Leaders of the Lost Ark, peaceful fingers
Across harps strumming, the end is coming
The plague, the angels blowing trumpets
We fight the BEAST along with his corruptions
It's nothing, PRIEST!
We fight forever nigga!