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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The 3 Day Theory
Song:   Words from a Viking
Typed by: Knowledge God

[Killah Priest]
A Heavy Mentalist and his penmanship took him to unlimited
Greatness some say
It was his spaceship others say
He was gracious in the way he spit
Brought God to an atheist
Bought wisdom to a pagan since 'Basic Instructions Before Leaving Evil'
Was formed from the Black Hebrews
But he trapped with his people selling crack living illegal
Strapped with desert eagles and would clap at judges, police too
Two sides to him, he would go to combat and was peaceful
This is more of his stained-glass writing on the Church window pane as a Viking
His name is Priest

The Michelvangelo stick
Shout-outs to RML
The whole label, ManBitesDog Records
Kount Fif, nah'mean
This is just something that was in the mind, nah'mean
Something special for the fans, no'm'sain
Make sure y'all keep supporting, some more