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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   All Hail
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Kamachi
Yeah, Kamachi & Priest
The Chapel doors are back open
Haha! YEAH!

[Chief Kamachi]
I don't bargain wit the devil or the sin he produce
Before I sell my people out, you can string up a noose
I'm a Zulu, I laugh at the lightning of Zeus
The light from my aura, enough to ripen the fruits
A mic and some truths, enlighten the youths
Rap Jihad, my voice make salat on the loops
Arabian Knights, prayer rugs kept in the booth
To the east my brother, where I step wit the troops
Keep coming back; making sure the rest can get loose
Like O Harriet, Holy Land, sail in the chariot
My body gold from the land where they buried it
Mother earth my first, no choice but to marry it
Burdens of the world is cool, how I carry it
I'm not a snitch or Judas Iscariot
How could I fear bid? Nigga here it is
You love Ferraris and Barbie's, we build pyramids
We from different minds, different continents
Different consciousness, different Prophets
Different times, Kamachi & Priest
The Church of Philly and Brook give us donations
Don't give us the look
Cuz we don't live by the word; we live wit the book
I see something classic is happening, the people is hook
Its real hip-hop, you should be taking a look
Its real hip-hop, you should be taking a look

(Chorus) Kamachi 4x
Ayo, y'all better 'All Hail'
Or when the King's come, voice is all yell
Bless us and sing some

[Killah Priest]
I emerge from crack smoke, rats and roaches
Gats that poke, young cats that wrap up dope
The hopeless, I'm poor man's dream
Moorish King, the locust, over the spectrum
Priest the Nephilim, focus - your eyes on the eagle
Cathedrals size I'm holding, a pen lethal
A needle inscribed, the dopeness
Pharaoh headdress, right before my bed rest
Commercial raps singing hooks, I can care less
A mystery books, sacred beater on my bed chest
Priest Osiris, black chalk around my eye lids
Gold mask, broad nose and wide lips
Writing papyrus, light inside my iris
Sight of a psychic, coloring flows, my mic's a pilot
When it comes to hook I'm like a Pirate
Priest-Kamachi we ether the body
Flood streets like Tsunamis
Bring heat like when you eat wasabi 
Priest the skeleton, my words is the flesh
The flow is the melanin, song is the breath
My rhyme's the medicine, it can cure after death
My mind's the Afterlife, the thought
These are the words I manifest and invest

(Chorus) Kamachi 4x

(Outro) Priest
Yeah, so there you have it, it's not just a rumor, it's real
Real hip-hop is back up in the building
Chief Kamachi & Killah Priest, collobo
HAHAHAHA, laugh at all you fakes
Know'what'I'mean? UGH, don't get scared, don't run
G-Sciples! Shout it out
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, just thug it out
Guerilla, guerilla ya self, side 2 side
Just guerilla ya self