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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   Beautiful Minds
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Yeah, the truth is here now
It's not a game
Priest & Kamachi
Let me walk out and do this
I'ma do this

[Killah Priest]
It's the fall of commercial rap
Contenders heard I'm back
Doors are wide open; time for some murder tracks
Brooklyn, North Philly, all hoodlums walk wit me
This is documentary rap, not Walt Disney
New York City
It's the illest team you've eva seen since Jay & Beans
We are the Nazarenes, from the path of kings
We're like spacecrafts in fitted hats and baggy jeans
Douse the booth up wit gasoline
Grab the steam, the bars hit ya castle and you have to lean
Gun talk, rhymes slide up in my mind like a magazine
Then spray all over my page like an M-16

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, who's hip-hop's pure'a
Our aura's like a AK, Bible and some Surah's
Priest & Kamachi - prophetic explorers
The duo so spaced out, alien smut bitches adore us
We back to the hood in a kitted up Taurus
The King's here and y'all ain't got nuttin for us
We been anointed, stained glass in a six pointed
Philly, Brooklyn, hard rocks leave your jaws disjointed
If you eva speak blasphemy
I ain't home if the Grim Reaper knocking ask for me
Intelligent Hoodlums, overcome Tragedy
Priest gave the ten-commandments, laid out the path for me to study

[Killah Priest]
I already studied Ed Hardy, garments cover our bodies
Yankee turban, Don Julio cups of virgin
From the Nazareth lands of the urban
Brooklyn bullpen the wolves are in
Full of sin, the Saviors
The Messiah's for rap music crucifiers
Acting like y'all banging hammers
We got the game in a tooth from the pliers
Try to break loose - then feel the fire
The realest two, hear the truth from the writer

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, I'm from the Philly Masonic Halls
Where cryptic and demonic flaws
Eagle so big we stroll wit atomic balls
You don't know the rules breaking all kind of laws
The last Testament; we gave you the final calls
Heed thy warning, hear the trumpet's blow
It's the prophets of the ghetto where they pump the blow
The Bible or the pistol? - Mud or the crystal?
We mastered disciples and this is all fiscal

(Outro) Kamachi
Real hip-hop, know'I'm'saying?
We back, yeah, haha
JuJu Mob, G-Sciples
Yeah, Killah Priest
Yeah, Beautiful Minds
Beautiful Minds... ha!