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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   Blessing
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Priest
Yeah, Priest!
Come wit me into the world
Kamachi whadup?
Let's go to work, uh, yeah
Come wit me
I'ma show you things that I've seen

[Killah Priest]
Poor education, broken families, failed religion
Street's in vanity, the hood is insanity
It's cramming me in
We don't love ourselves, won't pick up a book
And lessons by gangsters and crooks
What you know 'bout ??love and put??
America history
We had history before they brought us here in the ships of slavery
All wisdom and bravery
In Africa we neva rode the back of the bus
But who cares as long as we got a seat
I must complete
We woulda became more independent if it wasn't for this interference
Don't get defensive, step into the Priest experience
We were great Kings and Queens
Now in state green and fiends
Why? Cuz we broke laws, now its mut war
Let us soak pure, but what was, you'll always be
Followed by enormous fleet, I ignored death
When it calls I cheat, this is my blessing
I was called to emcee

(Chorus) Priest
The David lights
The Bravest Knights, gave us light
Air light, be a light, see a light
Ate the bread of life on that sacred night

[Chief Kamachi]
I think I'ma monkey in the jungle full of savages
I had the Theorem way before Pythagoras
My little children still playing wit the abacus
Nighttime ritual, my flames look fabulous
I've been here before, came back wit Lazarus
Got locked up in a dope house in Nazareth
I'm from a different blend possessed when the strip began
Sermon do sinners but I prefer the clips for men
Bodies below right where the strip began
Holy Ghost slumped ova, drunk off a fifth of gin
Break-dance, death trance, swift as spin
Coliseums to mausoleums if I kick the pen
There's only one King, his throne sit within
Mike Tyson only, old school split his chin
First round laid down neva spit again
Mic Messiah, the ways of the wicked kin

(Outro) Kamachi
Yeah, Chief Kamachi & Killah Priest
Beautiful Minds