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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   Closest
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Chief Kamachi]
Yo, kneel down in prayer, nah, but I pretend to be
My ministry of L, class of hot Hennessey
Genius in the hood, we mastered coke chemistry
President love us, we get the dope from the Embassy
Sit on the stoop, inhale and choke is a tendency
Judge gave the sentence, no repentance, fuck the penalty
Sitting in cage, full of rage, fallen man
Think wit my ten year old mind, first sold a gram
Family starving, trying to do all I can
Waiting for the mystery millions to just fall in hand
Open my palms, barely getting fresh air
Scrabbling like my body allergic to getting fresh gear
Six from the brown bag burning up your chest hair
Cold and brisk, sign of somebody's death near
No light, last vision seen was the Tek flare
No night, morgues ain't filled wit young blessed tears
Music is good, vividly reflect the death fear
Tombs talk, graveyards makes you respect fear
Blood on the stairway of heaven, keeps the steps clear
Electrocuting put me in your next chair
Bang two cops, waiting for the next pair
If I die there'll be another me next year

(Chorus) Kamachi 2x
Ghetto Gabr-el, can you save my shell?
Closest I get to heaven is when I blaze an L
Ghetto Gabr-el, can you save my shell?
I don't wanna spend another holy day in jail

[Killah Priest]
I've been the author, teller, composer of death
My best seller, got a load off my chest
Through the cobwebs of my cellar
The Goodfella, picked from the hood to be a failure
Wit black shoes, black suits and black umbrellas
No God to help us, the devil provided his angels
And blood stained shoes from trampling the bodies like wine press
God likeness, white divine dress
But makes yourself drunk from the blood of the righteous
I write this like stoned being caught by lightning 
Clash of the Titans, I fight against her and the Vikings
Snake bitten by Great Britain
New Age System, Medusa is your ruler
She turns your city into cement jungles
I came from amongst you and your dumb schools
Waiting for you city to crumble
I pity the humble, love the aggression
Thug recession, blood on my weapon and I hug it wit affection

(Chorus) Kamachi 2x