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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   Most High
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
My pages are canvas, the madness
Filled wit killers wit hammers
Galleries are projecties and poverty
Secrete societies ran by schools that Harvard breeds
The horror still haunts me, then the dark art we bleed
Upon the heads of the children
Spread thru each building in the ghetto
Presto, pop up books of cops and crooks
Watched by Bush - organization
With horns of Satan, performs the ancient rituals of pagan
That's why I spit that Joshua Apocrypha
My mind's the photographer, the philosopher
The boar's head is in the pot for ya
The Moors spread the doctrine for us
To teach our black kids before the craft lift
Or shake in the casket
The last ship is at the Rapture and that's it
It's that quick, this is that hit, this is that hit

(Chorus) Priest
Storms shall flown outta the skies...
Look within and open your eyes...
We are the children of the 'Most High'...

[Chief Kamachi]
The Western man abolished the arts
Children of Bethlehem did Astrology charts
Three Wise Men followed the stars
Now three American youths following cars
Bring truth it's what we doing for OZ
Sharp spiritual arches shooting from Mars
Go for your gold, stumbling souls
Ghetto heaven where the first stomach rumble as rose
But you are the future, the ones they chose
Mind of the Sphinx ask why they chiseled the nose?
Cuz you pollute the Earth, you know how your seeds will grow
Life's a hard cell and death ain't reasonable
Still ain't blessed faith been good
I ain't Christian, them burnt crosses is wasting wood
Who knew a plate of food for thought could taste this good?
On my knees I prostrate and face the hood

(Chorus) Priest 2x