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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   Reflections
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Priest
Yeah, Priesthood
Kamachi whadup?
We doing it again
Put your Good Hands together
Good morning!

[Killah Priest]
The Heavy Mental is a experience, many witnessed it
At 12, I experiment wit sentences containing toxic flows
If I drop it - it explodes
Cooking up pots of gold, the impossible
I would camp at my plant
Lock down my pad with clamps beneath bright lamps
I would write too advance
I spit my style up in two parts
First the Southern technique came from heart
My Northern style was more dark
Some books was lost
Techniques were picked up by unmatured source
So I developed the third strike
Neva heard on the mic, only if I felt you deserved the light
And GZA told 'em - "I was a comet approaching"
Pray, he at the ocean due to weak promotion
And I did but it caused tidalwaves
After that song B.I.B.L.E. played
I quenched my thirst wit the 'Liquid Swords'
The first time it was sweet RZA said "give 'em more"
Wisdom poured in a class by myself
So I asked no one for help
So he can cheat on the test
I would just beat on my desk
A couple albums later -- the youth fountain found favor
Now he doesn't have to speak to paparazi
Priest and his posse
Toast the good time wit Chief Kamachi

Yeah! There I go
Uh, it's a lil history right there
For everybody coming up
Yeah! Gotta write it down
Record it in the scribes
You know!

[Chief Kamachi]
Yeah, twenty years since I did my first demo tape
Love to hear my voice on the instrumental break
Messiah's word will reach a monumental state
Two scraped up tape decks trying to innovate
His DJ broke, cutting on a dinner plate
In the mirror, wore your favorite rapper super hero cape
Knew the words to 'Raw', thought I was Big Daddy
Microphone Fiend didn't know the shit had me
In every talent show I wanted it next
Back in Philly the top group was 100X
I said I'd invent, study and want to perplex
Me & Priest Friday classic, what's coming next?
We in the history books for bringing out the misery looks
Wise ancient mystery crooks

(Outro) Kamachi
Yeah, uh, yeah
Chief Kamachi & Killah Priest, know'I'm'saying
JuJu Mob, G-Sciples