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Artist: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi
Album:  Beautiful Minds
Song:   See Clearly
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Chorus) Priest 3x
Look! See what I see, come stand near me
Open ya eyes look inside I could 'See Clearly'

[Killah Priest]
Look! Is you real? Is you fake?
If it go down, would you squeal to the Jakes?
Are you strong? Can you hold on wit street dawgs?
Till the end I'm there if the beef calls
Deep wars, we get it in police brawls
2012 - Prediction? The Beast falls
Along wit all his followers, so will Esau
I break it down for you -- the serpent coil
Around everything immoral, sidewinding thru good soil
End up every tree to look royal
Take shape, no longer resembles the snake
Appears great, to trick the Saints
Think, on every fella that you came across
Watch your steps, turn off your television
Guard ya nest, before you fly
Right before the morning rise
You take that long ride and spirit forms in the sky

(Chorus) Priest 4x

[Killah Priest]
Shootouts, gang violence, insane asylum, the paranormal
Psychiatric, metamoral, assault rifles
Secret cults, disciples, greetings
Pharmaceuticals, bombs in funerals
Beatings, bleeding, arms of platoons in pools of blood
Cruel intentions, evil avenges
Not to mention - the angels' whispers - the devil listens
Hell's in the kitchen, boiling weapon
For women and fellas addictions
Scratching, tapping, plucking, seductions
Cut, running ova our cultures, soldiers
Mom here's a shoulder for you to cry on
Here's a heart you can rely on
The Lion of Zion wit white on
In this cold world - it's ion
Here's a bed for you to die on
In hospitals - lots of pills used
Or injection, infection, no direction

(Chorus) Priest 4x

[Killah Priest]
The last days, no cash pays --
For food, clothing, and shelter
No government or God to help ya
Citizenships are now citizenCHIP
WWW-dot--they already bitten for it
And everybody wanna go to heaven
So they sold out Reverends
Before that poll of elections
Think about freedom and hold a weapon
Hold on bredrens, this fight is a great one
Shed light when the snakes come
Aim right then take one
We got evidence of the Presidents; they're prejudice
They took a pledge and rinse on their forehead, wit six
Elections are fixed, so why deal wit it?
And to the backsliders who played two sides of the fence
Get high and hide behind tents
And every spy that want to have me hit - got you on my list

(Chorus) Priest 4x

(Outro) Priest
To everybody that is real, U'know'I'mean?
Look inside yourself to 'See Clearly'
DJ WOOOL, you crazy on this track right here
I can 'See Clearly', we on county
Uh, look further off, Black Moses up in the places to be
Rudy you know how we, uh 'See Clearly'
It's like 12 in the morning
Talk about it; eat about it; live about it