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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Black August (Revisited)
Song:   Big World
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Yeah, this goes out to the whole world
To the whole globe
To the galaxy as we know
I'm back, Killah Priest

(Chorus) (2x)
The big world
Big dreams, big scenes
New ideas let's take it to the extremes
New way of life new way to write
New age of thinkers
Believe what I say (breath) on the mic

I'm still strivin', I'm still thrivin', I start drivin'
Park the car, stare up at the horizon
I can see far past the orion
Venus and mars, suddenly i see the stars alignin'
I start climbin', outta body experience
Pass the warmer climates, never stop for perseverance
I'm back more stronger than my first appearance
Like Moses from the mountain or the pilgrimage of Malcolm
I came back from the dungeons with a new album
Found life, so many ideas for viewers to like
I called it Black August, cause it's the month I was born
I painted a rap portrait, told you it's more than a song
Told you it's more than just poetry and words in a song
I'm telekinetic, connect with the other side like John Edwards
Standing by myself staring at the dawn
Woke up outta this trance from a car that honked its horn

(Chorus 2x)

Yo, On the highway speedin', windows down I'm weavin'
On each side of the rode, I'm out of control
Sparks fly from the side cause I'm skiddin' the rails
Leavin' all my words behind for prison in hell
No more being strapped, police giving me mail
While ya'll having fun and I'm sittin' in jail
Nah, I've dried my tears for the last five years
Ya'll been usin' me, stealin' my ideas
Then lied to the world like ya'll pioneers
But when a young lion's feared
Whatcha'll do? Ya'll take and put it in a cage
Then take it to the zoo, so ya'll can view all of my rage
Toss popcorn at me, No, I'm not happy
That's why I'm pacin' back and forth, cause ya'll can read my thoughts
Ya'll know when I hunt I leave a corpse
My innocence is all that I plead in court
I heard you dogg

(Chorus) (2x)

They said it wasn't extraordinary, it was just a rhyme
But I prove the unordinary, stood the test of time, My
Flesh, my mind, my spirit arose in the lyrics
Was hidden inside of the soul to reveal it
Every emotion is an emotion of my pen
Words of the gem it shines in the minds of men
For those that don't receive light, it blinded them
So when they do, push rewind again
Over and over till they feel me getting closer
Till I'm more than just a picture on a poster
Till finally break down on they sofa
Then they show love, the room's gettin' colder
Then they feel the presence, I give em' the message
My words make the hair stand on their arm
Embrace my psalms, like a child embrace his moms'
So sing along, and feel it forever

(Chorus 4x)