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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Master Fool, Rudy
Album:  Black August: Revisited
Song:   Intro
Typed by: ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

{*phone rings twice*}

[Intro: Killah Priest & Rudy]
K: Hello?
R: What's up Head?
K: Who this Rudy? What's the deal?
R: Nuttin', just chillin'. Waitin' for the new album, "Black August"
K: Ah, don't worry about it. Here it go
{*beat kicks in*}
{*phone rings again*}
K: Hello?
R: Yo what up? It's me P, just sayin' respect
K: Yo what's the deal? Yo know, man, I'm just here tryin' to get this album together, man
R: Yeah I gotta hear that Black August, that shit is tight, man
   I know that, man. These motherfuckers out here better get ready, for real
   Yo you comin' thru showin' respect to everybody, man
   You better get this shit out it's bangin' for real
   Yo what's up, Priest? Niggaz is gon' feel it for real this time, man
   Nigga gonna get the whole shibang (the whole kit and kaboodle for that shit)
   Killah Priest is back man, shit ain't playin' no games
   Niggaz better watch out that's word to my mother!

[Killah Priest]
Priest the ghetto novelist, thugs and hollow tips
Slugs and mac-10's, drugs when I rap and
I craft pens near the streets of New York
Basketball courts, gats could go off
Crack a pro sport, I rap of all thoughts
My tongue's a paintbrush, ya brain's a canvas
I draw in gangstas with their shootin' hand bandaged
I draw in artforms and stark corn, shall born with clocks sorn
Posin' in '87 on Riker's in ciphers, Mercedes the legend for bikers
Clubs and thugs is all righteous
Yeah you hear a porpus, you ain't got nuthin' for us
That's what's up!

[Outro: Master Fool]
Yeah, nigga! Black August, nigga!
We ain't playin', we layin' y'all niggaz down, man!
You come, get yo' head popped off, man!
This ain't a game, baby! Masada!
Same shit, different toilet!
We shittin' on y'all niggaz!
You got a motherfuckin' game right now, nigga!
Weak warrior niggaz like you, came thru
It's 'bout to go down, nigga
You see the View From Masada, nigga
Yo, nigga feel this
Nigga, join us or sit down
All y'all niggaz! Black August, nigga
Black August, motherfucker..