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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Hell Razah
Album:  Black August: Revisited
Song:   Mind as a Weapon
Typed by: ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Hell Razah]
4th Disciple, what what, Sunz of Man
Sunz of Man.. Heaven Razah, Killah Priest
Killah Priest, knowI'msayin'?
Prodigal Sunn, 60 Sec... 60 Sec. (yeah)
The Ambassador, yeah, ha, what?
Check.. yo.

[Chorus 3X: Hell Razah w/ ad-libs]
Sunz of Man, what? We come together like gasses of The Sun
There comes a time without no money, drugs and guns
Just the Mind as a Weapon for the blind, deaf and dumb

[Hell Razah]
Here we come, here we come, use the truth to overcome.
Here we come, here we come, here we come.

After my dagger enters, blood drips from ya liver
I set up real world niggaz out like I'm Tommy Hilfiger
Take the motive vibe, eye of a killer
Place drugs and arms on drug dealers
Satan says "Satan get behind me"
Georgio Armani, custom garments made from Godbody
I said the truth hurts ya weak spot like karate
Illuminati/FBI's couldn't watch me
You won't survive with a Versace
or when the gunshot hit ya body
I'm on some next shit, it's a war, get out ya Lexus
You on my guest list, so choose ya exit
to ya deathwish, the useless get buried my a homocidal of unnecessary
We be drinkin' royal wine, pumpin' wine berries
I never drink the blood of Mary, ya ass don't scare me
The enemy is my worst enemy
Virus to this music industry, come and deliver
ya water, ya penalty, niggaz they be killin' me
like they mobsters from Italy
Meanwhile Kings hate Queens in captivity
Al Capone clones and brains in slave chains
Check the herobome, transportin' through white robes
Headphones and telephones, to make the unknown known
Before sticks and stones broke bones
We was conquerin', Roman gold robes
Kidnapped, naked away from home, now we red guest rolls
Called by Jon Doe now with the Red Rose, the communists
Snakes transform like Optimus Prime to a suit and tie
My mind detects like a lie detector
We don't need Gadgets to be Inspectors
The only knowledge, got on Mecca reflectors
Ain't nothin' funny, I burn ya rap clothes and ya money
There's too many crash test dummies
Wearin' shades cuz the truth gets too sunny
Me and my true fam', we spread history like a museum
put ya guns down and use ya two hands
Keepin' documents stack like the paper at a newstand
The old man ordered the Mr. Officer to stop the lock up
The black orchestra, scuba divers in Nautica drownin'
in the blood, road warriors don't budge
I offer the same office of death of a life of a slave
Bright light keep the bats in the caves
Some sold their soul to the Devil to get paid in bundles
Betray sense, back to the grave in the jungle
And the camouflage nation never change, now they're humble
Makes the world rumble.
They shock the world from all, skyscrapers crumble
And the running back fumbles

[Chorus 3X w/ ad-libs]

[Killah Priest]
Killah Priest

We used to wear Cuffies studded with Rubies
But now we into Gucci, Tommy Gunns and mob movies
Kids ya get robbed for ya lucci
My black woman, so many names, something
Their whole wind, sting
For ya mind and I'll be the string
Use a form of Yoga, turn my mic into a King Cobra
Pull out ya brain Nova, my album'll touch you like the death of Malcolm
Stalk prey like a falcon
When I design poems, each line shines like a rhinestone
Will leave ya mind blown, lost in a timezone
Politicians follow traditions, they got Clinton spittin'
Some are supersticious, a group of witches
Reduced to bitches, everyday they shoot switches
I'm on the loose takin' pictures
at all the Devils, I drop science like metal
Black as Othello, heat up a mic like a kettle
The kid says, "Settle down.. down.. down"
I'm supernatural, factual, actual, the master
My garment is laced in Jasper
Jade, amber, the ladies pull out their cameras
at the 7 Shield Commander
Salute the troops when I was away to recoup'
As a juvenile is when I had to prove style
Was too cock', it made him shake in his boots
Must choose spot between Gates and Truth
And got with the boys and did biz and got lig
Re-nig and made noise like toys and kids
Words around the block, the cops versus us
And got my glock cocked now I'm ready to bust
Aimin' at Jack with two gats, who to shoot at
They moved back.. but hold up before we do that
Let's do a rally in the alley
And niggaz that'll rally in the valley, ready to retali-
ate, why realize the hate from the trials and their dates
Doin' miles, so they foul from the state
Or do abort their health and aborted all their self
I hold my ammunition cuz I take the sword of delf
Vicious, whoever seem suspicious, hit him, leave him twisted
Just lost my job and got evicted
Thugs and drug dealers gettin' slugs and squealers
They hug the killers and drink mugs of Miller's
And have ya vexed in a hold up while the cops eatin' donuts
Families is broke up, families is broke up
Families is broke up.
Broke up.. broke up, what?
Killah Priest and Hell Razah