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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   G/Ciples Cry
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Peace Be Still - The orange light shines on his face
Peace Be Still - Heavens Nephilim fallin' from grace
Peace Be Still - His comets is his journey to space
Peace Be Still - The artist hold on and we take
God is - Come to us in the form of a man
God is - Yahuwah, revealin' his plans
God is - Zechariah: 5, Verse: 9
God is - I see her face as I lift thine eyes

[Killah Priest]
I took off the corruptible flesh
Put on an indestructible vest
Loadin' Bible verses, playin' Russian roulette wit death
The Devil's laughin' wit his lustful passion
He wants me in his Lake of Fire, dissolvin' like aspirins
6-6-6 cough medicine in the cabinet
Murder Lucifer, you can't move
What the Lord has established
Two semi-automatics
Two Torah tablets for the author of madness
I read Surah, to me his alter is a magnet
One might ask why did I choose Israel
It wasn't me, it was his will
Until it's revealed, my lips are permanently sealed
You think this government gonna save us?
Nigga is you crazy?
You can't see them killin' us lately?
God bless the Christian, I pray for the blind religion
Who can't see the time we livin' in the prisoners behind the system


[Killah Priest]
Follow me to a world without envy and hate
Just a planet that twirls, infinity in space
In grave they swallow wit death in hell
And his preys is followed, wit breath in bells
On a garments of elders, kings and saints
And martyrs that stood wit wings on a sink
And the thugs can smile as they walk of the isles
Wearin' tattoos and bullet wounds, flesh backs of the trials
Galaxies of a calm peace
A pure light ridin' over the crew, storm beneath
A shadowy warm heat, embraces our face as it burns off our skull
We go deeper into space to a - great cosmic gate
Where his prophets wait, in there we will conversate
In the dawn, pours out a vase, in the waters of a grace
Where she says "welcome to her 12 sons"