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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   Listen to Me
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I light my candles under Saint Anthony
Burnin' rosemary for friends and family
For those buried, for all humanity and soul's heavy
Ride thru life like an old Chevy
Like at the world thru your rearview
And honk your horn till they hear you
So after you're gon' its tribute
For all the pain that you've lived thru
Rainstorms and now clear blue
A King's gon' on your mural
Wings form in the spiritual
The ritual for those we long here is my tears and the tissue
I opened it, look how they turned to diamonds
Showed you reflections cuz you're still shinin'
The worldly body had to do some dyin'
Transformation, so I leave this here wit the plants of fragrance
Before you roam the land of the ancient
My mind is the enigma filled wit broken pictures
The spiritual thug could see clearer now

So, just listen to me
Just listen to me
Just listen to me
Just listen to me

[Killah Priest]
Light up a cigar let the aroma reach up
It's like the smile on the Mona Lisa
Holdin' a child that rose on Easter
Like a cloud passin' ova Giza
Peep the styles of my older teachers
Thru a cloud when he blow his cheeba
His weed storm passes on then it rains down on my peoples
I see Sean Bond walkin' thru walls
I see Mark Spark flowin' thru halls
Tommy Rock comin' thru floors
Plus continue grievin' my heart
When I speak in the dark, I weep in the park
The spirit departs of Mark
Lyrical sharp as shark
From the roots to the trunk to the bark
This is my art; this is my Ark of Noah, Joana
Farewell I sail from the Narc's which is the holy body
Stained Glass paragraph
Preparation of the gospel of peace
Apostle or Beast, colossal on streets
Starrin' at the walls till the walls become a door
The Door opened, before me was a great ocean
And a throne wit my two sides
My Omens and my chosen, fantasize
I let it fly from hell or rise
Mesmerize by the enterprise starship, mega-size
God lives then I hit the entire projects, flip the scribes
I start climbin' out this hell hole as the souls go


[Killah Priest]
There's no I like innerstandin'
There's no blindness like ignorance
Better then a young man's knowledge is the old man's experience
There's no evil to sickness, nothin' so dreaded as death
What's the heal for forgiveness?
Pride before fall, look inside myself and did some cleansin'
Drop my defenses, begin the rinsin'
Tonight a lion sleeps in the heart of every brave men
Like a cave in the African lands
The Immaculate stand to inhabit what's grand
Above is the black poison clouds
You only got one life so enjoy it now
And cherish the day before you perish away
We all inherit the grave; these are the letters that say:
Together we pray, Heaven's amaze
Shed tears in my silver Offering bowl
Incense burn Patchouli smoke for the lost souls
At the fork in the road