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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   The North Story
Typed by: Knowledge God

[Killah Priest]
Desert Storm type nights above, Hajji state of mind I'm drifting
Tripping, I'm tied up
Blindfolded Vietnam culture close in with blowing torches
Above us the portraits of the Last Supper
I'm coughing up blood, Priest where's 'The Offering'?
A voice of the madame heard through the soft wind
Chased by the hateful words of the town's people
Deep within the walls of a brown cathedral
I look up blood in my eyes, veins showing through my skull
The flickering light bulb
I'm straining as my eyes bulge
This is my last reaction for peace as the assassins let their nines release
I hop out my chair running in slow motion
Hail of bullets sailing like a boat floating
I'm going out nowhere

A North Story, it's a quiet murder

[Killah Priest]
I fell, release my last revelation
Spoke of corruption and mass devastation to the world's nation
Let go of my masters, I of that brother Priest speak of offerings
Tides I bring
Nines they ring, knives I swing
The skies turn black, the streets flood with blood
Statues crack, the rain fell from above
In the shape of heroin needles, hailing down crack viles
Blunt smoke so thick it's hard to see through
Then all the real niggas who died open their eyes
And all the real Hip Hoppers crawl out their graves
Come meet the witch doctor, lightning strikes the cave
Through my bullet holes I bleed scrolls
Written by the lost souls on the crossroads
Look at the heavens talk to the crones
My thoughts are scary, talk to skeletons inside of mortuaries
I preach peace at the Devil's feet before I'm buried
I hope the Lord is ready, my sword is steady, my auras heavy

Let the monks in the monasteries bring it in
I have a story to tell

[Killah Priest]
Well this is it, gravity keeps grabbing me
I'm losing sanity, I'm gradually tryna get up
But I can't, look ahead, I see bright lamps
And the ground underneath seems quite damp
I sink in, I begin swimming towards this image
I venture off into different dimensions
My cosmic body begins the twisting
And stretching all further into the essence
This is not for the thug, this is not for the streets
This only for the thug and the streets that think deep
Priest I quantum leap, woolly hair and bronze feet
Cosmic, Gothic lights, through air pockets beyond heights
Star collapse black holes, I flap with the wings of a bat
Tail of a tadpole, rest with the pharaohs and wake with the King David
Seen naked entering into a green spaceship
I'm like the comets Christ, garments white
The smoke hand lift the tomb lid then the smoke seeps in
Priest beginning, Priest ending, Offering