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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   Out of Body Experience
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I'm drivin', I'm speedin', I feel like I'm dreamin'
I'm thinkin', I'm drinkin', it's crazy
Funeral, my sister is gon', the dial is passed 80
It's hazy, I can't see straight on this freeway
No seat belt on, I'm buggin'
Buss a head, I see somethin', I can't tell if it's gon' or comin'
Suddenly I see a lightning, hear a horn
His head is straight for my face
I tried to smash on the brakes
It was too late, was this my fate?
I went thru the windshield
But experienced it from the back seat
I watched my body go thru, then flames blew
I felt the warm beam of light
I seen what they called the Christ
Look like I saw a bright wings that moved

(Hook) 2x
An Out of Body Experience
A close encounter of some kind
Please Lord Show this thug sign
You be the light that shine
Or peace in heaven designed
Was it outside this world or inside my mind?

[Killah Priest]
Went out the back of the wrecked up car without a scar
Walked around to see my body, it couldn't be hardly
It was a dream probably; I looked again, God Almighty
My vision got foggy, I heard from a distance, sirens
I looked again, there goes those white wings
I felt now weight, somethin' grabs me
Next thing you know, we both swimmin' thru space
They showed me Ancient Kemet they existed in this place
At peace I saw the Canaanites, warm flames of light
The ancient head tykes
A place of 12 sons that lit up the night
A voice said "Welcome"
My vision got bright, I saw the ancient Israelites
Purest crystal, visual and all white
They took me and embraced me, I felt safety
Handed pearly gates keys, my mind was spacey

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
I saw the inhabitants of the Arabic Prince
Brines that couldn't even be recorded on films
I saw shim from the seed or the soul
The keeper of scrolls, the grim reaper exposed
His sickle over enemies of Israel
The sacrificial fulfillin' his will
The embryo in space embraced the son of Ishmael
The burnt faces were Asians, ancient the saint praises
Some were famous amongst men were nameless
The judgment, the covenant, the blood drip from the lamb
The Son of Man, comfort hands, the flesh is death
Except the new concept, too complex, we use ya conscious
A long rest, confess, your endurance is ya insurance
Then I heard a word spoke, paramedics said "She got a pulse"
Everything disappeared like smoke
Then I awoke, tombs at my throat, surrounded by my folks
My moms sayin' the Bible quote - the Lord of host
Only knew where I been, what I've seen
The eyes of men, quiet y'all, he's tryna speak
I'm starvin', I mumble words, I'm hungry, I need somethin' to eat
Quiet deep, white streaks of beams driven from Elohim
The All Supreme, finally called Kings and Queens, Astral Projection

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
The body of light, God made by night
Kefir, language of Angels, he speaks the marble in white
I'm eager, understand the language of plants
Too advanced, ancient then man, he spoke treegulus
He ate air, the breath therein and prestigious
The Anglen beings of all seeings, the fourth region
Mel Chezidek was there, all abort we leavin'
The boy king was there, the Nazarenes was there
So was Lucifer, and the tree of life
1271, one out of many...