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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   Pray for Me
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Pray for me - pray for me
Will you pray for me?
Lord knows I need it

[Killah Priest]
All I need is this beat and a sheet on my desk
Seven candles around me and a CD cassette
Maybe a prayer for my thoughts; silver bowl for my sins
A Mac-10 on my rug, now where do I begin?
Do I talk about the night that my nephew departed?
Do I talk about the wife I neva walked down the aisle's with?
Do I talk about the knife that I pulled out in darkness?
I'm steppin' closer to the light, I feel celestial and cosmic

Pray for me - pray for me
Pray for me - pray for me
Pray for me - pray for me
While I pray for you - while I pray for you

[Killah Priest]
Explosive at times, compulsive, hope no one notice
The vultures thru my veins, once provoked by poachers and cobras
That focus on motives, corroded I load it then blow it
Dear Lord I got screws loose and some other issues
I need some gurus before I'm clippin' a pistol
I light a candle under my nine
Whisper prayer of Vladimir the Impaler
Virgin blood spillin' all over my prayer rug
Rosary beads under my kufi
My kufi tied around by a bandana
My bandana wrapped up in a turban
My turban under a hoodie, my beard's bushy
I've been hurt by Diana, I ain't repaired fully
Y'all niggas better not push me


[Killah Priest]
War in Heaven and the Earth, weapons dispersed
Seven headed Dragon name is headed to the Church
I came to slay the Sea Serpent in person
Shootin' glocks, plier, Obadiah the Messiah
In blood, the analog anti-gun, nimrod
I swing the rod on the franchise jocks
From a giant star, their alliance from Mars
Thru a fire cloud, green coats comin' down
Across the tube, the news, the clues, the cube
Aziel taught men how to use an instrument tool for you to destroy God

My solums have silence, a rage in my columns of violence
This maze's a challenge
I visit graves such as Malcolm's or Martin or Marvin, I'm starvin'
This windin' road begins to foggin'
I start joggin', it's all in my mind
A strange tree grows near a castle wall's crawlin' wit vines
Then I see the dove, I see the light
Feel the warm and its love
Within the night, I feel a nudge
Then I see his feather neatly placed together
The bottle of the Killah drops then bursts
My blunt goes out, I hear a verse
Echo thru the halls of my minds
I call to rewind, I call out this mind
Insane is true, the light is blue, I knew it