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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   The Streets
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Between the streets of Brooklyn whether gates are puttin' 'em
Cats are lookin', shootouts and pounds from crews
Either town you choose cats down to move
If it's Bed-Stuy ya under the FEDS eye
If it's Brownsville then the pounds are real
If they look you up and down like...
"Who dis clown" - just peel
If it's Fort Green, shorty might not be more then fourteen
Walk me; shoot you another tale of New York scene
If it's Red Hook, we dead shook
They got projects after projects not even the FEDS look
If it's Crown Heights, stand around lights then come out of shadows
Smell the death and gun barrels
They wear black apparel; the streets are black and narrow
And this goes for all Brooklyn Underworld of Allegiance
Who by night gather up their teams in...
Lobbies or basement for secret meetings, greetings

(Hook) 2x
Streets we all the same, come join our gang
Where you hide and kill till we fall in the flames
I punish you everyday till this ball of chains
Lit up a cigar tonight, charge it to the game

[Killah Priest]
But on the West they carry SK's, Crips and Bloods
This is U.S.A., Mexicans - huge ese's
Kingpins, drug lords, everybody hit the floor
The Crips have more, they roll in six-fours
The dawgs from great streets, once them AK's reach
Out of Impala windows, there's hearses and limos
Please listen to my demo, its vida loca
<"It's gon' down ese" - "You want some sherm?">
These dudes from the middle side that smoke PCP
Lay you down and charge it to the G-A-M-E
Officers in riot gear, y'all don't wanna come here
It's Chucks and tatted tears to my Watts overlords comin' from abroad
With their dooms squad alliances off killers and lions' kid
Who make the whole pack wit mankind
Steppin' thru the hood is like walkin' thru landmines

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
Now let's move onto a more ruthless and voracious hood
From the start their plot was no good
They're the men that wear black
Some might say they invented crack
The point intended was blacks to kill blacks
I mean they're worst then the Mexicans
They talk gang wars, they kill their own president
On top of that they're prejudice, they carry nuclear warheads
They run for office, where eva they go lies will spread
They rob land ask the Indians
They'll take you from ya home ask the Caribbean's
They're takin' up oil soon as they touch Arabian soil
Kill, baby for spoiled
Assassinated Martin Luther King and George Jackson
Affirmative Action, they had somethin' to do wit Malcolm's assassin
And none of these black leaders I named were even bad men
Hell, none of them were even armed
They say Crips and Bloods, I say Vietnam
And who's left to save after the Atom Bomb
So to the Secrete World of Illuminated Commission
That have their foot on religion and a hand on politician
Y'all gang is twice as ruthless then any of these crews
In fact we learnt from you...

(Hook) 2x