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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP
Song:   Through Millenniums
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Darkness, the darkness comes upon the Planet Earth
It's time to take out +The Offering+

[Killah Priest]
As the sun fades within the horizon
The sky Orion is seen clear in the sphere planets alignin'
The contrast changes fast in the vast
From a pink to dark orange
To turnin' darker to a bluish violet
Then finally the sky lit up with stars
The red one is Mars
The same star seein' by the Three Wise Men
To find a child lead us out of this blindness
And teach man peace, finally his kindness
Darkness brings the cold, so that change the climate
Stare at my wall, look at my thermometer
The red line slowly declinin'
Finally the sky's black as a raven wing
And slowly flap down upon Earth
The place where fiends doin' base
Sirens are heard, From Police cars
Niggas on wall, their face cut-up wit obese scars
From street wars to prison yards
Or niggas meetin' they ward
The result of niggas livin' hard
Gang rivals is all the same as tribal
If you're from Africa or you're in Attica
If you're a Bushmen or from Brooklyn
A nigga stab ya, or shank ya
The life of a gangsta
That's why often I think seldom I drink
Or felon with ink
Could make a whole difference to a melon that's blank

Give a thug a heart, a gangsta a mind
Show a coward courage, we ahead of our time
Runnin' toward the future, leavin' the past
Blastin' +Through Millenniums+ till we evolve in gas
Through bright light, light Christ, white spirits visit
Through the night sight, bright light Christ, white spirits
Visit street lights, roll dice, soul on ice
Travel the globe like spirits, Priest controls the mic

[Killah Priest]
I take off my jacket, my shirt, my skin, my flesh, my bones
My mind, my spirit, my essence, my soul
You asked for it - I gave it
From project buildings to the hard pavement
From the trees back to the grass
To the dirt to the black soil
Back to the Earth, right back to the Universe
To nothingness, to nothin' exists, just the abyss
No light, no sound, nothin' around
No up, no down, no sky, no ground
But just thought inside a blackness small as a grain of salt
Mineral that evolved
Full circle till it revolve around planets
To finally man landed - upon the Earth canvas
Access to the atlas to the Moon shot-up
From one of his Grand Canyons, water spill
The order revealed that the author was real
Then Abraham, Ishmael to Israel
Then we learned to kill
Then the brothas - the formulate turned steel
To block our prayers, forgotten knowledge
And +Through Millenniums+ is slowly close our Chakras
Now in shootouts over dice games, the Devil pitch fork
And the Angels with the white wings, placin' bets over our souls
Is it that infinite robe, until that infamous hole
All thrones where we hear the instruments of gold


[Killah Priest]
They say when life forms; it forms in path that spiral
Flickerin' downward, a cosmic light shows
Up there in Mars amongst the stars
In that distance place beyond
Where livin' souls integrates called Heaven
Where ether, where I'm headed is deeper
It's off the meters of spirits fled from reapers
If I lost believers, I bring 'em back thru thoughts I teach 'em
I sit wit Romans and their Greek leaders
Learned from Egyptians, here is a brief description
They're the one with the sun
Their energy can outlive infinity
No timeline, no calendar
Made from the days of Excalibur
No trick knowledge or bad math or division or algebra
From Kemet to chemistry
The mysteries pyramids where I live, no graves
No King higher beams, firin' forth from the Heavens
Around the Knight in all his Glory
The day he fights in battle
He stomps upon the bones of the dead Pharaohs
Led by shadows, spirits from the black horse runnin' toward the castle
Holdin' The Byzantine cross
The Dukes of York; all kneel low to draw bridge
They see me on top ridin' dragon in string of corpses
They say - "Peace Be Still"
"Priest my Lord we shall all die by the sword"