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Artist: Killah Priest 
Album:  The Exorcist 
Song:   Death Physical 
Typed by: DaSun Akbar 

[Killah Priest] 
Will we all sell drugs forever? 
Life endeavors, the pipe's the pleasure 
Fight the pressure, tides just severed 
Crack is measured, go broke then y'all back together 
Jail or gettin' clapped, we all are trapped, however 
How many gangsta spirits you have to deal wit in dreams 
Wake up in screams till you finally feel it 
Never realizin', neva feelin' vibes in 
But still survivin' 
Till around the corner they peel the iron 
Eyes them, flashback when you clap gats 
That was a payback, bad karma 
You shoulda had ya armor, grab the llama 
Light the ganja, spirit conjures 
When the body goes back to the Earth 
The soul goes back to the Universe 
Names on plaque in tombs and the dirt 
Fact is we all consumed by the work 
A young soldier told me the streets is glory 
Died before me 

(Hook) 2x 
On death birthday 
Blowin' candles, wooden handles 
Damn, he went in the worst way 
Death birthday 
His presence is no presents 
Draw your weapon for protection 
We all wear black on death birthday 

[Killah Priest] 
What's love a bullet wit ya best friends blood? 
You see your little sister's kid 
Give 'em a pack of the drugs 
What's real, you see ya man consultin' the deal 
You really jealous but neva really express how you feel 
What's heart, you see ya man gettin' killed in the park 
You both get shot at, but you disappear in the dark 
What's life, it's somethin' we all go thru 
From the old school 
I know them rules, I know them jewels 
Niggas play cool but get you punked 
Next thing they get you drunked 
Next thing you know you in the alley slumped 
And niggas ask you to burn 
Turn around and pass you some sherm 
You neva learned till that casket discerned
Your best friend haven't been dead for an hour 
And you at his baby-mom house wit some flowers 
Rubbin' her back, tellin' her she need to relax 
How foul is that? Fingertips on her back 

(Hook) 2x