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Artist: Killah Priest 
Album:  The Exorcist 
Song:   Fame 
Typed by: DaSun Akbar 

(Hook) 2x 
All I wanted was the fame and the money 
All I wanted was the cars and the honeys 
Till I die, till I rise 
Till I die, till I rise 

[Killah Priest] 
Don't stop till you get a million dollars 
Nope! Don't stop till you get a zillion dollars 
Then what? Enemies at ya door 
Hidin' ya money under floor 
Don't trust ya whore, screenin' ya cause 
Niggas used to be cool, but ain't cool no more 
Now you gon' to war, just made a deal as a business man 
Lawyers jerkin' you, you can't trust ya fam 
Got cancer from all the cigars 
Neva picture ya self on the I.V. because of liquor 
Dreamin' of ya funeral, some niggas wanna shoot at you 
Now you being fed thru a tube, the suspect's unusual 
Kings die, thrones rust, skeleton bones turn to dust 
This money you trust - hard luck 
Now you get stuck, your family is fucked 
That's what happens when guns buss 

(Hook) 2x 

[Killah Priest] 
Game recognize game, G's recognize G's 
Shootouts in the rain cuz of M O N E Y 
Why my nephew had to die? Eye for an eye 
Tooth for tooth, my fam for ya fam 
Niggas just shoot 
While we talkin' their lives are coffin 
If he go they put his riches in the auction (Damn!!)
Luck, teardrops and pain, hug, fears, stops the rain 
The bullets and a kiss 
A buncha Brooklyn kids cried that day 
When the hearse roll thru wit BIG 
Listen to the vision Martin had 
Shots in the flag, David rocks in his bag 
We love money, buss slugs for money 
Would you sell ya moms for money? 
Soon, all in tuned 
That's what will be required from this country, doom!