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Artist: Killah Priest 
Album:  The Exorcist 
Song:   Haunted 
Typed by: DaSun Akbar 

[Killah Priest] 
My brain's haunted, I got a conscious full of convicts 
Bloody tampons, a blonde chick wit cum on her lip 
Her pimp's whole arm could fit 
She's fuckin' his fist 
My brain's insane, four walls full of shit stains 
Floor's full of toilet water 
My used cum will stop at the drain 
Red blood and black paint rain 
Weed residue, here's a better clue 
The screws are loose, so my head'll ooze 
Me is so nice wit me lyrics 
Sick so order, I'ma hafta, don't, them, put, it, this, with 
And did ever that best ah, no one's this better 
No one's this clever, measure, me to them 
And I'll out-weight them 
120 to 85, and y'all quickly advance to a 360 
From 360 to 720 to 1540, you just a shorty 
You think ya cipher zero is the only number that's infinity? 
I destroy that philosophy wit a eight 
Now let's build, you rappers are no frills 
I'm down by law, you sucka emcees sweatin' me for a funky fresh rhyme 
You come just in time 

Just in time, for the rhyme of the century 
You come just in time, for the rhyme of the century 
Y'all come just in time, just in time 
Just in time, y'all come just in time 

[Killah Priest] 
My brain's haunted, I got a conscious full of convicts 
They dwell inside my brain cell 
They tryna escape from the pen 
Wait! You said that before and when I'm writin' 
I know, but my flow got indicted 
I make sure that the bars are unbreakable 
Make sure the God is unreplaceable 
Make sure his heart's unerasable 
Make sure the stars are untraceable 
Laws are unmistakable 
Capable to take you to Galaxies 
Just sit in silence then we'll leave 
Look! We're here, just an idea 
No travelin', just close ya eyes 
And the whole place appeared 
That's the speed of thought 
Look! You're free to walk 
93 millions miles from the Universe 
See that little star up there that's Earth 
WOW! You think there's life up there 
It's just a theory, its gettin' weird 
Hear me clear, my name is Adam 
It's the evenin' of the day 
I'm hungry, let's get somethin' to eat 
Let's walk this way 


Yeah Woool, Omega mind 
Omega mind-state, Alpha inside 
Yeah, most of our tribes are dozen of them 
Yeah-yeah, uh, G/Ciples Ridaz, from beyond 
Came down here just to kick it wit ya for a minute 
Black dust, Proverb unit, uh, yeah 
All worlds is in one world; one world is in all worlds 
G/Ridaz the oath, continue on till it's ova 
Yeah, lift up ya sword, uh 
Code of arms, you know what it is