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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Exorcist
Song:   Intro
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
The bigger they come the harder they fall
I turn martyrs of the morgue, death, dark in their halls
Walkin' the Roman trojan
Holdin' the golden Vulcan has spoken and broken the skies
Thousand of Omens will rise
As I unveil hell's terrible tyrants
Look deeper to my irus
See the black streets around my eye lids
That's cuz you speak to Osiris
A God wit gold mask and broad nose and wide lips
The sky rip, throw his peeps in the fires
The Nazarene and stones and the Sheikh's are eyein'
Snatch the king off my throne, I'll meet you in lions
Establish my seed over the dome, my features of Zion's
Hahahaha, watch them all burn wit Lucifer
Y'all better get use to the... Lord of the Rings
I bruited rappers, destroyed kings
Send you on a voyage wit wings

[Killah Priest]
I enjoy ya cry for deliverance
Such pettiness after this noone will remember it
You idiots, ridiculous, the shit disgusts me
You shouldn't discuss me, now ya soul's above me
I role wit the cuffies, my flow's the weapons of war
And ya souls are thrashin' floor
Off the globe to heaven doors, bye I'm done wit that
Now I'm back to this Government
Blade to the neck to sever the whore
I bring the best out the core
Call the Underworld Muzik
Priest is the truest
My technique has influence
Some of your greatest from the presence to the latest
The styles are remarkable, it be here for ages
Y'all hate on the God, try to spit on his flow
Cuz he's original, and y'all wish y'all was given his soul
Y'all hate what he stands for
I'm the reason Hip-Hop demands more
Y'all hate that he's on songs
Y'all hate his name will live on
While y'all lames are gon'
Y'all hate what he kick and the way he spit
Cuz on ya shine y'all had ya day eclipsed
And the way he predicted
And ya all turned gay while he stick to the real shit