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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Exorcist
Song:   None of That
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Sample
In large U.S. cities
millions of people live a life of poverty in old rundown apartment dwellings
The poor tenants trapped in these buildings
must put up with constant harassment by greedy landlords
who want to throw them out for higher rents
These rich slum lords go to ruthless extremes to evict poor tenants
and nothing seems to stop them
When you can't afford to move
Even a rat infested tenement can be called home

But when landlords turn off your heat, water, gas, and electricity
to force you to move out
There's only one thing to do, fight!
This is the story of such a struggle

[Killah Priest]
What if he sold a million records, will he sell out?
Then the whole world will respect him
Does he have doubts?
What if he really never exists?
What made 'em write that shit?
On everybody's top five
Why he ain't add to that list?
I wish the whole could hear him
Cuz he has the serum
For the Hip-Hop body been infected wit venom
Why do a lotta rappers bite off him?
And say they were the first?
When you ask Priest about it, he always just smirks
What about the Heavy Mental verse?
Why he so mysterious?
He laughs on the outside but his mind is serious
I can tell he knows more then he shows
Street clothes, but his brain is a UFO
Have you eva had a conversation wit 'em?
It's like listenin' to the instruction to a satellite space system
Does he talk about racism or atheism?
Or do he just hate religion
He's fly, then he looks like a bum then he's fly again
Wonder what's his outcome?
Well, soon all y'all will know
And y'all be lucky if you touch me
Science, Astrologists will discuss me
And I'm only at hexagram .03
And when I reach the Aquarian 9, the seven stars will align
The six planets will combine and I will incline
Wait till you see the lion covered in lamb
Then y'all see my presence for I Am

And I don't need none of that
Cars, jewelry, clothes, girls, money
No'I'mean, I don't need none of that
Mansion, a yard, a food, a job, sex
I don't need none of that
Just rap, no'I'mean, just rap for me
Cuz I don't need none of that

[Killah Priest]
They say he's just a family man but he's always lookin' up
I saw him six in the mornin' just stuck
Starrin' up in the space
Other times he's quiet, normal calm face
He likes to eat a lot, entree
I saw him at the mall wit his sons
I saw him at the movies havin' fun
They say he stands on the roof starrin' at the sun
For hours, all rappers he devour
Every year for Buddha's birthday he plants lotus flowers
He talks to the trees but he don't smoke weed
He comes around after a long time, just leaves
A beast on the mic, he teach about Christ
He broke up wit the Israelites
He don't hang wit the Muslims, bounced outta Brooklyn
But he speak Hebrew, he goes to the Mosque
He raps BK, calls himself God
How many times he have to prove he's the nicest?
How many times he said the word "Pharaoh"?
How many times he had to write shit like this?
Here's y'all answer, as long as I have a voice
Y'all will see ya voyage
Either if I'm livin' or transcendin'
My legend in y'all brains already been handwritten by God