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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Exorcist
Song:   Pride
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) 2x
What makes you so sure you not gon' die when ya enemies ride?
For me it's pride, till the end I know the truth keeps me alive

[Killah Priest]
I'm on the freeway speedin', the judges gave me a reason
Daddy Rose; they said they keep him
So I plan to get even, they got me and my team on defense
No justice, we ain't leavin', Impala engine Chevy LT 1's
Squeezin' the gun, yeah I'ma get even for son
G hyphen C I P L E, hear that name, fear night niggas feel jail keys
Make hell freeze, blood trail leads
What could you tell G's?
Bell please, light up an L for me
Then get the M-16, yo 2nd grade
Led'll spray till they say "Let us pray"
Then split separate ways, get back to the hideout
What y'all waitin' for, niggas ride out
See I do it for my niggas and y'all do it for me

(Hook) 2x

[Killah Priest]
I'm like T.I., look at all the guns I brung
From out my beehive, which is in the slums I'm from
Since I was knee-high, if you had gun I swung
And I hit hard, so kids whip tar
Nowadays I spit bars till I zip to the stars
But don't get it twisted; tho I deal wit the physics
You can still get wit the biscuit
Tho I'm mystique but real
And scientific, kick truth you can feel
That's that G/Ciple, just that G title will get you status
Your crew's cross paths, but now cross wit the baddest
Everybody who betrayed
Thought the devil was gon' get you play
You played ya self, we true warriors over here
You degrade ya self, upgrade ya self
Don't eva let real cats see you do that again
We got knowledge and street scholars
We really live this life, we don't just rap about it

(Hook) 2x