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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Exorcist
Song:   Silent Assassin
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
A nigga got the call so I'm the boss
I get up, go outside, jumped in the ride
Before I grabbed the wheel and peel, pushed the stick and drive
Check my steel and slide my gun to the side
Lightning is cut and thru the dark skies
Spell and revenge there's hell in my lens
No bumps, black goose fly outta my skin
Teeth pullin' on black gloves over my hand
Tryna hold on to the wheel while I'm drivin'
Only emitted before I reach this Island
So sick I'm smilin'
This gon' end in violence
I taste redemption in the air
That I seasoned wit time
Watch it simmer in the mind
I cool it wit off wit the nine
Better yet I got the M82A1 - a sniper's gun
This should be fun
See tomorrow he plans to speak before the Congress
About an Underworld conglomerates
He plans to hold a conference to introduce the microchip
But I got the contract to leave 'em stiff
They ordered to hit

(Hook) 2x
A hit on the Rothschilds
A contract on the DuMonts
The Machiavellian lost files
I want judges, presidents laid down
Before the Order of the New World goes around

[Killah Priest]
There's this house, I wonder where his whereabouts
I circle around this crib like in the form of brewin'
Windows down for the shootin'
Black shades for the viewin'
Roll ova by a tree then no one can see me
Binoculars around my neck
I sense death and tits in every breath
Murder steps, I see a light come on
Cross you, so nothin' goes wrong
I see a head come in the room
It's a lady holdin' a baby
Mouth open, stick out my tongue
Tasted air like I'm so crazy
Then he walks in caution
Walks over looks out his window like he knows
I talk to myself real slow
He's lookin' deep into the trees like he see me
The woman makes a gesture in the back
But he just stares, he knows I'm here

(Hook) 2x