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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Victorious 
Album:  The Exorcist 
Song:   Want Peace 
Typed by: DaSun Akbar 


(Hook) Victorious 2x 
I really like peace, but niggas only understand war 
So I'ma give 'em what they lookin' for 
Either I, or, you got guns, man, but we got more 

Peep the bloodline, you dig I'm royal 
A hundred women for the roster, best believe they loyal 
No, spoil you outta all your chicks admit it 
Y'all know vedic, spit it, but won't admit it 
Shit it, cock sucka anybody can get it 
Uh, bucky eye, black six she rollin', I put five in 
You and that bitch you hoin' 
Put the pound in your anal dukes, split you cold 
Cuz ain't a damn thang gon' stop my team 
All hail when I pop my thang, black-on-black 16's 
Shit's mean, hit's king, pop, dome on the block, known 
Wrist gleam, glock, chrome on a hot phone 
Crist clean like out ya ass, you heard? 
Bitch nigga but I'm for the cash 
Out for the longevity baby, out to last 
Out for the luxury livin' playa 
Out to mass, out for the young 
Black entrepreneurin', ask ya aunt if I'm ballin' 
I thug it out dick and I'm out for the warnin' 
First draft pick, off the bench and I'm scorin' 
We gettin' big money now for them chicks who shit it 
Pretty thug nigga wit chips, official wit it 
Thug-thug G nigga, admit you did it 
Cuz I'm comin' for the throne, my gun rinse who in it 
You gon' be mad when I'm in a CL Benz Coupe tinted 
And I don't smoke weed, don't need to be high to be a gangsta 
I'm authentic, winter gel two to vibe for my anger 
Your girl outta pocket, lookin' in the eyes of a stranger 
You whylin', ridin' for danger, headed for trouble 
Plottin' you blame her? Might of saw me 
Pottin' wit bangaz, Riker's Isle you heard niggas, C-74 
9-5 still live up in Beverly morgue 
Beverly Hills, glocked wit the heavenly steel 
You betta be real, clock infrared at ya grill 
A hundred G's none playa? We headed for mills 
Millions for the children 
Rebuildin', mirrors speakers on the ceilin' 
You tweakin' up the feelin' 
Brown skin, chinky eye, got 'em leakin' off the drillin' 
Uh, yeah, leakin' off the drillin' 

[Interlude] Victorious 
I don't really wanna hurt nobody 
It's to easy for me to hurt somebody 
It's too easy for me

(Hook) Victorious 2x 

[Killah Priest] 
I understand how to handle these niggas 
Or put a hand on these niggas 
Or their dawgs, or their family members 
But what I do is call a meetin' wit their head of their teamin' 
Ask 'em clearly, what's the beefin'? 
What is their meanin'? 
My faculty heard some shit that got back to me 
We tryna keep it Godly, please no more bodies 
Poppin' up out the rivers, courtesy of my niggas 
And they don't like movin' abruptly 
They quick to buss B 
Y'all niggas touch me, we throwin' cocktails 
Hot curls, cartels, OG's secret Roswell 
Niggas mad cuz we walk wit Jesus like Kanye 
And we talk like Yahweh Ben Yahweh wit an AK 
And the gauge at ya rib cage 
Come at as wit ya gentiles style and ways 
I'm the nigga they hated like King David 
I write psalms then I grab arms, the bravest! 

[Interlude] Victorious 

(Hook) Victorious 2x