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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Ol' Dirty Bastard
Album:  Heavy Mental
Song:   If You Don't Know
Typed by: Sean D, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Killah Priest]
Killah Priest... King Masada
Landed on this sick canvas
Now I roam this dead planet, head bandaged
Insane, preachin God's commandment, feel me

I move through the dark regions, and won't stop
'til we even, until you bleedin, until you stop breathin
Givin careers a severe beatin
for emceeing; it's something
that I don't take lightly, how the fuck you ever invite me
to a duel, I drool
Before I break fool, then I drag MC's
Beat em down to they knees, grab your necks and SQUEEZE
Until there's no life left, they lifeless
You're micless, what a crisis
I give them a good night's rest
I break they biceps, and triceps, thighs and necks
Breast area, is the best area
Before I bury ya, I make sure that you never
ever, ever, ever, try that shit no more
KnowhatI'msayin?  (Word is bond!)
Your ambition, put you in that fucked up condition
Leave you with your own conviction, shit was non-fiction
Now you in a state of non-fiction
Make you beg for mercy, if you ever approach me
I blow your head off, when I talk, chop off your arms
and bash your head in, you know where this shit is headin
for a dead-end, stop your sweatin
like Otis Redding, got your pants wettin
Snuck up on you at your wedding, at your honeymoon
turn that shit into doom
ANd turn your rap cass-ettes, into your fucking caskets
You God damn bastards
Lyrics I mastered, rhymes burns like acid

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I'm complete analyzer of your entire eye
Gave you those toes to crawl, so walk on by
I'm the insect in your pie, the hair to your lye
The good to your bye; your question to your why
The wing to your fly, low to your high
The Dirt Dog, I be the God; the tear to your cry
I drop in it, cleanse the Earth's
My place of birth Islam gave me the eye

[Killah Priest]
The mental brave the grave, the ceremonies
from religious cults, half man and half goat
Tomorrow hopes, based on the horoscopes
We followed ghosts, our nose in hella smoke
Fire breathin dragons, I rubbed the gold lantern
to the see the future, through the crystal ball
The triple walls official once the missile fall
Offence, see the coffin, often
I fell at the doorstop coughin, I heard the pipe organ (cough)
Saw some men of a white origin
I saw Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush
Barefoot, sucking from the titties of a wolf
Upon the brazen altar, six men
offer their only daughter splashin holy water
I ran for the, camcorders, now I'm plagued with curses
I roam the Earth's surface, snatchin purses
Allergic to catholic churches, what's the purpose
Religious worship, is worthless
I visit ancient sanctuaries, where the saints were married
But now they buried cause of Satan's fury, I faced the jury
Held in court, like Christ nailed to a cross
Confront my knowledge, like Christ in front of Pontius Pilate
Days of violent, standing in a haunted palace
The government wants my wallet

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Killah Priest]
If you don't know... now you know
Killah Priest, now you know

[Malcolm X]
We believe in the resurrection of the dead
We believe that the 20 million black people in America
in the last day will be taught the truth
The trumpet of truth will sound in your ear, as its being sounding today
The trumpet of truth, and as truth strikes your ear, it strikes your heart
it will open your eyes, it will open your ears, it will make you stand up
It will do the same thing for you that truth did for the dry bones in the valley
because the picture of dry bones in the valley is talking about you
the picture of Lazarus laying dead four days is talking about you
You are Lazarus, you are the dry bones
you are the prodigal son, you are the lost sheep