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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Ty-N
Album:  Priesthood
Song:   C U When I Get There
Typed by:, ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Killah Priest (Ty-N)]
Uh, yeah, uh uh, uh uh, yo (uhhhh uhhhhhhhh uhhhhh)
Uh uh, I miss you (Miss you)
To Marcus, uh uh, Kev (Won't forget you)
Y'know I'm sayin  
I C U When I Get There

[Killah Priest]
We came a long way from duckin strays
My niggas laid in the alley ways
Funerals were made, by the beauties sprayed
But now I'm different, somethin new today
I'm seein bright tunnels, bein My Life, crumbled before
Now I'm restored I wanna see more
Wanna explore, standin by the ocean shore
It looks life heaven just opened it's doors, shinin on me
I'm like a diamond homey (yeah), yo...
So many eulogies we heard, usually leads to the urb'
Ease the nerve, but I believe in readin the word
Takin head from the man that's feedin the birds
The broaden my horizon, it's hard survivin
I'm job replyin, I keep strivin, I keep tryin
I'm tryin to turn defeat to Triumph
There's no place in this jungle for weak lions
Politicians and preachers, they keep lyin
The streets supplyin, how many times do I have to heat the iron?
Every night there's a gunfight
Fuck misery, I wanna see sunlight
I wanna know at the end that my son's all right
Yo, and to all my fallen soldiers, that's no longer here
I C U When I Get There
I reminisce on the R. Kelly +I Wish+
Yo, right now I'm writin the remix
Y'all heard the stories of the miseries
Rivals between enemies, there's no love or no sympathy
Y'all heard the stories of the stress, death through debts
Project sex and welfare cheques, with Tecs
Automatics, y'all saw the graphics
Well, I know y'all had enough of that shit
I wanna see thrones, I want a land of my own
I want a zone, finally found my way back home
Sit back and relax, readin my poems
While the sunlight hit and gleam off the stones
It's only natural, I want castles and black jewels
I want statues and marble floors
That's what I have toppers for
Open up Solomon doors
Surrounded by priests, scholars and moors
Say my name, dollars just pour
Not that fake paper money
But the coins that they take from mummies
Everybody in my world 'bout the age of 20
Smell a rose, taste the honey, no achin tummies
I could write about my miserable life, critical nights
Fought physical in the spiritual fight
Israelite, mystical type, like a Hindu in white
Let me tell you what my visuals like
Insights of a High Priest, mind's deep as the blue sea
Purple robe, brown Cuffie is all beauty
Absorb the ruby from yours truly, truly

[Outro: Killah Priest (Ty-N)]
Yo, I C U When I Get There, yeah (C U When I Get There)
Yo, I C U When I Get There
For all my homies over here (oh no no, I don't know how long it may be)
I C U When I Get There
Pull out to Mark and Kev
Bob Marley here, Marvin Gaye, uh, yo
I C U When I Get There
To all my homies, straight up done over here
I C U When I Get There, yo (I'm just tryin to make a change to My Life)
You move that, yo
You know 1 and 2ers
On the tracks
Doin it ups (I know I know I know, you'd like to see your homie)
I C U When I Get There
All the great ones
Marion where you at?
Want you on the track
I C U When I Get There, huh (C U When I Get There)
Yo, yo, yo
I have been an inspiration to My Life
I C U When I Get There