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Artist: Killah Priest f/ George Clinton
Album:  Priesthood
Song:   Come With Me
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[Killah Priest]
As I lay upon my bed, I stare at the ceiling
The feeling inside me is dead, what's that voice I'm hearing
So I reach for the spread, pull it back, saw demons
Making my wife give 'em head, I wake up screaming
What is the meaning, am I dead?, Am I still dreaming?
Will I wrestle with this devil whenever I'm sleeping
Wake up behind the metal of a federal precinct
Or be found in the ghetto taking several of beatings?
From policemen, will I die for what I believe in?
Will I ride until I'm no longer breathing?
I need to know until my soul is leaving through that hole, I see Him
Up that road to meet Him and behold His kingdom
And I stand before His judgement, my body a ghost
I'm seeing dozens of my cousins, distant and close
Whether relatives or friends, I remember them both
Then I walk, what's that? my end, then a voice had spoke
It said..

[Chorus x2: George Clinton]
Come with me, I'll take you there
Come with me, have no fear

[Killah Priest]
All I saw was fire and smoke and bodies that roast up
Young adults that were under a cloke
And took a number of oaths 'til they hung from a rope
I said damn, I saw my man pull a gun from his coat
Ran up before the preacher popped one in his throat
I ain't scared because the chair share hundreds of volts
And I know this is not the place that he wanted to go
I want to leave because this place here is punishing folks
So I fell on both knees, face pouring with sweat
When an angel approached me, placed a sword on my neck
I cried with every bit of pride all on my breath
There I was strapped to a bed having war on my flesh
The priest threw holy water on me, called me possessed
Doctors held me down but I tore through my vest
Psychiatrists came, read the results of my test
I threw up over the nurses, left the floor in a mess
Come with me! Come with me

Chorus x2

[Killah Priest]
I dreamed of harm and blood, rusty chainsaws, bodies in tubs
That painted walls, saw armys of thugs
Saw men made zombies from drugs
Enemies from centuries fill my body with slugs
There I was in paradise, the marriage of Christ
I saw nazarites, all gathered in white
Written down in the tablets of life
What it means while the church at the Vatican fight?
There were flames, I passed through a traveling light, I was changed
Became a phantom of the night, the upper plain
No longer suffer the same, had enough of the pain
Felt a rush in my vein, words stuck in my brain
Had nothing to gain, everything to loose
Which cliques of the game do I claim to choose?
Saw every ancient tomb and the saints in bloom
Heard the sounds of the trumpets as the angels blew
Come with me!

Chorus x4