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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  Priesthood
Song:   Theme Song
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[Intro: Killah Priest]
Theme song..

[Chorus: Killah Priest]
Have you really understood what Priesthood means?
Royal Kings turn fiend chasing hood dreams
Bring it back, it ain't hard as things seem
I speak the facts as the tracks made the hood theme
Have you really understood what Priesthood means?
Royal Kings turn fiend chasing hood dreams

[Killah Priest]
Song of a rose, mass in a tinted window, they play my intro
I walk like I waltz in the road, instrumental
Have a nigga sentimental, statues and monumental
The kind that Ghengis Khan was sent to
Sorta like Islamic temples and castles with demonic symbols
My armors ripped too, Imma spit two
The promise that I give you to the virtue that's on my garment
I'm Godsent, my right hand raised, I'm honest, pay homage
I lay in garbage with the hiphoppers, ya'll think about it
Theme song


[Killah Priest]
When King Tut closed his eyes, I opened up mine
Felt the pulse in my spine, I choked and I whined
I was sent here by God to bring hope to my kind
First words was a note I spoke in a rhyme
My album'll touch you like the death of Malcom
Comes in CDs, cassettes, internet, and volumes
I was raised by a certain column on my info
I know the CIA got 'em, they want me to stay at the bottom
But I rise to the top, why not? my glock, spies watch
But they can't do me nothing, because we kings
This my theme song, and this is how I sing
Theme song

[Chorus - first four lines only]

[Killah Priest]
Preach the novel, sit upon a seat of marbel, teach the Gospel
Street apostle, found my name engraved deep in fossils
I spray bullets at you, eat your hollows
Make it hard for you to even swallow
You be that way until you reach Diablo
Bet your family's gonna weep tomorrow
Ya'll walk the path that the Reaper follows
Sorta like the cat in Sleepy Hollow
Ya'll get wacked, I pack a burner like the heat and charcoal
Build my castle like the Count Draco'
God forbid when I let the gat blow, my hat low
Despite a belief, the trap door, spinning webs with leads
Ya'll get clapped and that's that, with the rap flow
Theme song

[Chorus - first four lines only]