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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Black Jesus Freestyle
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Behind the Stained Glass of Mona Lisa
Inhale a thick aroma of reefer
The blunt ash falls at this moment I'm deeper
Zonin', writin' poems, headphones on, completes the cipher
I'm eager to reach the youth as a writer
The truth is inside us, the beautiful mother
Who's wiser? Darker the skin, the more the appetizer
Amplify their eyes wide shut
The 85ers can't recognize us
They won't get it; we live to its limits
Her jewels are endless
The food polish pearls wit friction
The world infliction, addiction
As the Earth twirl out in space, suspended
Animation expensive, canvas paintings by Claude Monet
You're in the streets all week but wit the Lord Sunday
It's more gunplay, more funerals
More young graves, the usual
Heard Marvin Gaye or Big Pun say
"It's so haaaaaaaarrrrrrdddd!"
I'ma soldier wit the pages and pen
You a soldier wit grenades wit the pin
The wages of sin is death
The greatest offence is deaf
Wait, you enter in as a guest
But you want, revenge or respect

[Killah Priest]
So here's a tribute for judges gon' mute
We salute, fire congress Smith for tellin' the truth
Cheers to the system felon on you
Rebell or get loose, here's to the troops
Mandatory suspension
This goes out to the cameras wit the bad lenses
No love for the hands branded wit sixes
Peace to the man-hand wit the crucifixes
I know Lucifer's listenin'
Peace to Black Jesus
The Black Jesus that relates to wave cap and sneakers
The Black Jesus that won't judge either
Cuz he knows about the back of the bus and why we buss heaters
In him we trust, plus he's a thug to keep us from locked up
Or shot up, we love Black Jesus
And for the people that say he ain't a saint
He right there wit us in the clank
And only thing that make 'em cry is the white paint
Black Jesus, I saw 'em packin' a stima
Not to kill you, but he knows it's real too
We love you Black Jesus, he'll neva sell out
At the White House, matter of fact he might get kicked out
Cuz he wants the hood to hear what's he's talkin' about
Black Jesus