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Artist: (Killah Priest f/) Starkim
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Brooklyn Style
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Starkim
What's poppin' world? (What's poppin' y'all?)
I gotta go hard my nigga, (Geah, I gotta go hard)
Not cuz everybody doin' it, not at all, (Nah)
Cuz they fabricatin' it, lyin' to y'all, true story (Word)
I mean, I don't like to be lied to (Not at all)
I tell you like this tho my nigga (Whaddup?)
If you hood, you hood, if you not, you not, ya dig? (You heard that)
Shit runs thru my veins tho, (Yeah) I was born this way (Uh-huh)
I gotta question for you tho? (What's poppin'?) Are you?

Niggas talkin' bout they ghetto but they don't really live it
They usin' the hood as a gimmick, come to my neck of the woods
Watch you play the role of being timid
Quiet, soft, tuckin' jewels as you walk
Me? I'ma young nigga, but I swag thru any hood wit the hawk
Let the haters talk, nah, approach, press 'em
You talkin' shit, actin' like a bitch
See that's what happens, dick
08 shit, you will get jumped quick
You too been in tape flicks
Get high and laugh till we sick
Pointin' at us, sayin' that's what you get
Nah that's G'd up, you want hood, that's the block
Gettin' high, duckin' cops
There's bitches in the streets, I don't wanna get knocked
Money neva pop, time is money, time neva stops, tick-tock
That's why I always watch
And everything I do, you get the best of me
Whatever you do, do it the best my G
You probably could get legacy, let me see
I go hard for the hood; Brooklyn sweater, Brooklyn hat
Brooklyn this, Brooklyn that
Project stores, me and my niggas 20 deep in the halls
Yact up and high, back out and fly
Fuckin' bitches, do it till we die
Thug mansion, do it again in the sky
Real shit, no lie, I'm the hardest King takin' what's mine
Takin' my pie, my parents raised a thug prince
So my bitches and niggas don't cry
When I die, just know I rhyme for the hood, that's why

(Outro) Starkim
Geah, geah, Starkim, that's some real hood shit for y'all niggas
Check it, y'all betta get in tuned