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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Rasul Allah
Album:  I Killed The Devil Last Night
Song:   Dark Evening in Hells Pool
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
These harlots they tear at my flesh, they eat up my soul
Regarded as Job, layin' naked in the Valley of Bones
Skulls of dead woman grinnin', it's scary
Till they're crushed under the foot of a gremlin
Mother Mary, demons screamin', I said "That I am"
The all eye seein', the skies cryin', I'm freezin'
Icicles on the hairs of my nostrils
The Apostle, light-years, I was there like a fossil
Flood's the blood, mixed in the dirt
Made red mud, slush of guts
I wanna stand up or pull back by sluts
That's when the sky had erupt 
Waves of electric white light 
Graves across my eye sight
The dark waters have thick mud
It intruded my rich blood
The skies open, the eyes of Omen
Rise of the Roman, ridin' the trojan
Arrivin' ShoGun killin' the Conan
Here's the token, God told 'em his real name
His real name, he told me his real name
He lives again, concealed in the frame
It's still stained, the paint glass peels in the pain

[Rasul Allah]
Come take a journey with us
This is light in the form of sound
Sound in the form of light
Cuz when you look Behind the Stained Glass
You see the seven star spectrum

[Killah Priest]
They broke the windows
Their face turned old and wrinkle
Don't stare into the God eyes
Flowin' ash, dark in the sky
The fog that covered the Church part of the syze
A mob begins to fly toward their face
Hell Mary full of grace
Let's exposed Stained Glass
Shoulda neva pulled the drapes
Priest-Killuminati a.k.a Rothschild by military force
Was their kingdom brought down?