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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Don't Stop
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
It's amazin' how I just won't stop
The heathens come wit their plots
Mixtapes I drop, then another one
I give it away for free cuz it comes from me
Fuck it, we got more in stock
As space expands, heaven and hell expands
The more souls, the more it grows
I created my plan, I'ma kill the devil Friday evenin'
Come back wit all his horns for souvenirs
Murder all his demons, his followers prepare for war
I'm comin' wit this word, bullets and more
The game don't wanna recognize me no more
Fine, I'll pull a pluck from the wall
Puffy and those niggas gettin' paid off
I tried being humble, but now I'm gon' AWOL
These stars are controlled by a dark force
They hate the light of Christ
That's why I'm not in the page of the Source
Wassup Nas? Join the team, fight against the evil regime
His soul seems torn; don't know who to put on
Well come wit us, and join wit the side of the Elohim
Wassup Ghost? I hear your soul
I know you wanna put your hands around the devil's throat
Two year plan, I'll bring back the Son of Man

Fuck the devil and his team, blum-blum-blam
Where those brothers on the blocks, Google up God
It's God radio, so what's the ratio?
Squeak wide spectrum, sisters I need more then ever

Its Run DMC touger then ever
I got more then one mac on me tucked under the leather
Hold your head, don't play into the media
Tabloids said they don't want your media
Fuck the skinny bitch, I want y'all thick
Unless y'all skinny wit brains then who give a fuck anyways

Radio was my crown of thorns, I ain't proud to put on
Turn the volume all the way up, still didn't sound too strong
Pink hero rappers, won't be around that long
You just a clown for the storm
Fizzles break on the skull of crystal
Bite down to the grizzle, may I continue
Mourn to menu my mind grows like the electric shell or the UFO
It keeps expandin', like the hole is warmin' up the globe
God's house has a million stairs, twelve attics
And one of them you'll find me writin' in there
Walk out the front to the Garden of Eden
Niggas is starvin' or eatin'
It's time to start robbin' and squeezin'
Give Priest a couple of seconds
I rebuild heaven on records
Check it, blow weapons at the face of the old presses
Pass us the glass, seen by the eyes of the mass
It took me seven days to create each line
Took me seven hours to rehearse this rhyme
Just seven minutes till we design
Seven seconds to reach ya minds
DMX in jail, holla at me dawg

Thru it all I see who you are
Real niggas do real things
Fake niggas don't want people to see
They hide, fuck it, be who you was born to be
Why lie? Everybody wanna seem like they innocent
You switch sides, nigga live wit it
Real niggas be like this is what I did
This is who I am, this is how I live
My pockets seem small but my heart and my soul feel big
My heart and my soul feel big