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Artist: Killah Priest f/ Purpose (Tragic Allies)
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Edge of the Night
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
From the edge of the night we fly so high
Within the misty skies, good bye
Seein' flights of devils, flights of angels
We over the ghetto, full moon is yellow
We see this strange dude, walk, we off the roof
We sought to a stoop to a door
We locked and disappeared in the foggy air
Only to reappear, next year, to the same spot
Off the rooftop, we flappin' away-away-away
Outta the hood, far over to the woods
We land, to take a drink, I'm thirsty, unworthy
Near the moonlit, streams, in the night demon
It's like a dream, and in the seas we sip
We gon', we swift, we too swift
Up and up, I feel it in my gut
Get ready to come wit me
The lost souls come see
Beyond a lake, beyond the mountain
On a branch in the black tree
We quiver, and chill out tonight
But nothin' stops us in flight

So in pass a million years
To a thousand in the hemisphere
Pass the hypersphere 

Rip off the clouds in the atmosphere
Disappear into the thin air
Yo I'm only seen by human eyes
I'm teleportin', drift to the sky
Mystique moon rise, I zoom by
See the constellations up in close
Spirit's formed, rugged ghost, the satellite
View on my body, while gon' up in smoke
When the sun broke, I awoke
And realized I musta drifted far
Shit I'm close to Mars on this glowin' star
I jumped off, made my way down to the planets' turf
There's more sand and dirt
It's different then the planet Earth
No signs of life forms, just keep the mic warm
The sun is further
I need more then soul or power to keep the lights on
Coldest shit, wind current carries me across a desolate land
So treacherous, bankers won't invest in it
It's pestilence, like the dust turnin' to rust
I wonder what's beneath the Mar's crust?
People like us, lost colonies
Who rarely couldn't keep a strong economy
Use to study planet Earth and talk about astronomy
Maybe we are them; maybe they left Mars in rocket ships
And landed on Earth to beat apocalypse
I started all over in a new world, a new planet
Made the journey for survival, yo, but who planned it?