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Artist: Killah Priest f/ 60 Seconds Assassin & Vendetta Kingz
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Forever Regime
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I laugh at you peasants, the death birds keep peckin'
I'm destined for blesses
My lessons adolescence till I'm out of the presence
Her outta the essence, the hour of seven
The tower of heaven, the power of legend
I place flowers on dead men's, you cowards beheaded
Dark clouds hover the Reverend
My rap industry, ministry, her menstrual bleed
Every couple of years, here's a cup full of cheers
While she's cut from her ears; to where the other is pierced
Die bitch, we back ridin' the Cherubim
Back leapin' from wing-to-wing mockin' you
Jack honorable Kings, infallible
Vendetta, Berettas wit treasures in Queens
Together we sing forever regime

(Hook) David
Together we sing forever regime
Together we sing forever regime
Together we sing forever regime
Together we sing forever regime

[King David]
Came to reign like the Prophets, let it pour from the sky
Look close; see the Empire formin' in my eyes
It's like a thousand stars shinin' for a moment in time
Had to fight thru all the haters layin' dormant in the sky
So I started from a Trojan, cut the cord and I cried
"Please Lord" I live for glory, evil forces to the side
King David in my splendor, I was gorgeous in my prime
Had armies ridin' horses look like Porsches when they glide
No borders on my fortress, here's the portion of the pie
I traded fortunes for a name and stabbed the order in its eye
The warrior stood tall like a sword was in spine
Brought 'The Offering' wit Priest, said the source was in ya mind
Make sure the angels sing the chorus, holdin' torches for the tribe
Tell the story for the shorties and record it till you die

[The Holy Ghostman]
The planet ran to Mars, rest of y'all granted the hand of God
I can't stand it, crack the granite when I'm managin' bars
The paper scratched out, lookin' like a bandage and scars
But I survived far enough to see the guns in green
Pearly essence like the ocean, its so marvel to see
I'm audible like the presence of the Lord when I speak
The world is an audience designed for my glory to breathe
Recordin' my deeds enormous like a feast when I feed
Mental fruit to the people not what the snake gave Eve
We need to kill off the evil wit the force of gang green
So I can transcend to heaven as a spirit and gleam
Throughout galaxies, stretch like an infinite stream
The power is limitless, Priesthood combined wit the Kingz

[60 Seconds Assassin]
I take a verse from Saint to hallelujah without a hollow point
I still move right straight thru ya
Lines like a wop-bama-booma
Smack ya head thru the Mardi gras
Mighty far, the Calhoun fall
Eat my way thru this track for a mars bar
Back to the Chicago line 
Ain't no train gon' off this track
Pilot ready to crash, I'm off the Richter scale
They gettin' ready to bring a better deal
My raps is whateva, foreva kill
Heaven's the mega skill
Type my hype shit, wear a crown like Evansville
I keep it straight then a better business bureau
Serial killer wit more bandana then thrilla in Manila
Wit split seconds away from being simple
Burnin' thru rituals, make a cloudy days become visual
Don't get it fucked up, whether it be sunshine from digital
Gut splittin' on spiritual, lunar draws original
Wit heat seakin' material, 60 Sec the miracle
Mind fury icicle, cold pop ya top like a Michelob
Don't make my circuit or triple load
Open ya mind up like vapor, I'm the Vicks in ya nose
Open you up till I become a hole in ya soul