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Artist: (Killah Priest f/) Starkim
Album:  I Killed the Devil Last Night
Song:   Minds
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Cowards die, dozens of death
The man recovers, live like the best
I know it feels good when you get shit off ya chest
I tell my niggas, hustle hard
Eyes up, niggas scared to rest
Want more, fuck the less
Life's good, stay off stress
The rise of star, yeah I bump next
Recognize real, you betta respect
Kid, I blast at ya pussy ass
A person neva asks questions
Hammers and drugs, I call it like the thugs
Y'all call it criminal of weapon
You just a bitch ass, kiss ass, and keep steppin'
You can't do nothin' positive
Twist ya fingers up and bang
And keep reppin', poverty, King's and fiery
I'm just hood, I told myself to change
That was a lie to me, back in the hood was rockin' my G
On the block, boots on, shoes on, a hoodie
Screamin' "Who's flyer then me?"
Blood in my mouth, schemers, screamin' "Who's higher then me?"
West Coast love, I'm East side King
Ridin' strapped wit that thing-thing
A nigga ain't lookin' for beef
Where's the ginseng? My dun go ching-ching mothafucka

I defend the hood when I rhyme
You can't blame my niggas for being ignorant blind
Then enslave 'em, throw 'em in the hood and see what they gon' find
Fuck that, we gon' grind
No studyin', shit's been programmed in our mind
We been poppin' since the hours and minutes before time
Don't put on your top, you gon' see the real meanin' of the word crime
I tell my niggas the sky's the limit
The world is yours, cuz I know that shit is mines
I still scream FTW, until we takin' back I'm ridin' wit a fuckin' nine
Packs of goons and we in line, lion wild, livin', writin' wild
This is the prince; watch you hear the sound of a gun go blaow!
You missin' and then you'll get found
Holes in your chest, in the lake somewhere drowned
Now I'm watchin' on the news
Laughin' at 'em cuz he was a fool and a clown
Think before you diss the man who wears the crown
Cuz real shit is gon' down, black
Don't diss a boy who guzzle yact, and spit deep crack
Fall back before you get attacked
Fuck gun, hands break ya back
And on the lyrical tip, niggas is wack
Kick rocks, the shit is mines, straight like that